“Our college students are our precedence”

Covid-19 What is your assessment for the University after these two years of Covid? BR: I found that we were very accommodating, especially when setting up distance learning courses. As soon as we managed to bring the students back, we preferred the courses that needed full-time internships. We wanted to have the exams done directly … Read more

Will Chinese language universities depart the worldwide rankings?

On May 9, three Chinese universities announced their intention to “withdraw from international evaluation.” The announcement, issued by national official news outlets, concerns the People’s University (Renmin) in Beijing, as well as the Universities of Nanjing and Lanzhou, located in the eastern provinces of Jiangsu and Gansu in the eastern part of the country. northwest, … Read more

MFR: Alternation in Sound Immersion

Two years ago, MFR de Haussy launched an original project producing a series of podcasts with a professional journalist for students to present their work and study education. The second season, which has just ended, is available online. The podcasts were produced by independent journalist and podcaster Fanny Cohen-Moreau. Sound immersion guaranteed. © MFR DE … Read more

The transition to on-line training and coaching reveals promising tendencies and worrying options

Jeannette Sanchez, Communications Manager, Employment Policy Department The COVID-19 pandemic caused a sudden transition to distance education, training and e-learning. The crisis has led to a massive shift towards digital platforms and tools for further education and skills development, which has revealed promising trends and worrying signals. Among these features is evidence that while we … Read more

The story is on the duvet: a brand new podcast inspiring France

Press Release – Canadian Association for French-language Education (ACELF) Launches New Podcast Series The story is in an envelope discover inspiring French-Canadian personalities. The first episode on humor, recently published on the Francosphere blog in audio and video, features comedians Rosalie Lacroix and Jonathan Dion of Ontario and Rose Beef alias Tommy Des Rosiers of … Read more

Distant faculty: a headache for households in Drummond

EDUCATION. For most parents, distance learning is a huge workload. Virtual class scheduling. Supervision of children. Computer hardware management. These tasks are difficult to reconcile with full-time work. A look at the families at MRC in Drummond who adapted in record time. Marie-Pier Bessette lives in Saint-Bonaventure with her husband and five children. The oldest … Read more

On-line training exacerbates inequalities

This is a statistic that hurts in these times of health crisis, which is closing campuses in favor of distance learning: online courses improve the test scores of the best students by 2.5%, but worsen those that are less clear. In other words, distance education reinforces inequalities. The study took place in 2016-2017 among 1459 … Read more