Scientists are getting ready for the potential for a sixth class hurricane

Warming oceans are helping to produce stronger hurricanes than recent hurricanes. seasons cyclones marked by sharp phenomena and a record year, the one from 2020. For 7e year in a row, the hurricane season that begins (from 1ehm June to 30 November) looks more intense than average. In recent years, there have been signs of … Read more

Bo Hopkins, a Midnight Specific and American Graffiti actor, died on the age of 84

DISAPPEARANCE – The American comedian first appeared on television in 1966, before going through cinemas for five decades. Bo Hopkins has a hundred productions to his credit. On American television, but also in the cinema, where we could see him Escape route (1972), American graffiti (1973) a Midnight Express (1978). The 84-year-old actor succumbed to … Read more