The draft decree calls into query the fitting of kids with disabilities to training

While families have been condemning for years the difficulties they face in finding a school for their disabled child, the draft decree ignites dust. If adopted as it is, it would indeed create a category of children who “cannot” attend school, in stark contrast to the current approach to disability. → EXPLANATION. Education of handicapped … Read more

ought to residence training be restricted?

► “Give parents freedom of choice” Pascale MoriniereVice President of the Catholic Family Associations (AFC) “With this decision, the government relativizes the role of parents and sends a message that children somehow belong to the state. On the contrary, we, the Catholic family associations, defend the freedom of choice of the parents, the “first and … Read more

“The struggle for freedom of dwelling schooling has solely simply begun”

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE – Article 49 of the Republican Principles Act, which tightens the conditions for exemption from home education, is due to appear in early February. Jean-Baptiste Maillard, on behalf of freedom of education, is calling on the government to abandon this measure. Jean-Baptiste Maillard is the Secretary-General “Freedom education», an association for the … Read more