Homeschooling and incapacity: unfavorable opinion from CNCPH!

Homeschooling for disabled children could be tightened at the beginning of the school year 2022. CNCPH has a negative opinion on the draft decree, which provides for authorization rather than a simple declaration. Children learn at home, some of their own free will, others of necessity. This is especially true for people with disabilities, when … Read more

“The struggle for freedom of dwelling schooling has solely simply begun”

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE – Article 49 of the Republican Principles Act, which tightens the conditions for exemption from home education, is due to appear in early February. Jean-Baptiste Maillard, on behalf of freedom of education, is calling on the government to abandon this measure. Jean-Baptiste Maillard is the Secretary-General “Freedom education┬╗, an association for the … Read more