Brest. Who desires to hire a room to a scholar?

Plan for the beginning of the school year The summer holidays have not yet begun and Parcoursup, the national platform for pre-registration in the first year of higher education in France, has barely begun when the start of the 2022 school year needs to be planned … Brest services student accommodation. It will be accompanied … Read more

Samsung Montreal AI Middle opens an modern laboratory for the event of wi-fi and robotic applied sciences

The team, led by Professor Gregory Dudek, will develop technologies to improve wireless communications networks using artificial intelligence (AI). Samsung’s AI Center announces the opening of a state-of-the-art facility in downtown Montreal, where its team will work to improve the quality of wireless networks as well as develop innovative robotic technology. The Samsung Montreal Artificial … Read more

ESITC Caen receives DD&RS label “Sustainable Improvement and Social Duty”

Jérôme Lebrun, Director of ESITC Caen From the Editor, June 9, 2022. ——————– ADVERTISING ——————– ——————– ADVERTISING ——————– Convinced that sustainable construction is a response to the challenges of ecological transition, ESITC Caen is committed to a voluntary approach in terms of ecological transition and social responsibility. The DD&RS brand “Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility”, … Read more

Southern Courier Homeschooling: “Give the present guidelines an opportunity”

EDUCATION. Amendments to the regulations governing home education, announced by the Minister of Education and Higher Education Jean-François Roberge, will now impose ministerial assessments and a program on children who are learning at home. According to Michelle Chartrand, who teaches four of her six children, such a measure is at odds with the very nature … Read more

Disabled college students: you’ll need to carry a finger to be eligible for dwelling training

The bill confirming respect for the principles of the republic stipulates that the right to provide home education is subject to authorization. A difficult pill for these parents of handicapped children, who have no choice but to provide education at home. Because their daughter or their son was expelled from school for lack of support, … Read more

Christoph Clersy’s bike tour: 135 km by means of an ecological crossing

Ecolo Christophe Clersy started his Green Bike Tour. For four days, a Walloon MP will meet the actors of ecological transformation in Charleroi-Métropole on a bicycle. ******** ***** *** ******** ************ ********** *** * ** * ******** ** ********* **** ** ************** ** *** *** ************ **** *** ******** ************ *** *** *** ** *** … Read more

The amputated 4 limbs will survive because of the upbringing

Pratibha Hilim, who had 4 limbs amputated after receiving a severe form of dengue fever, considered leaving this world. This Indian teacher has regained a zest for life through teaching and a desire to help students who are far from school. Author: Glenda Kwek When her gangrene deprived her of her hands and feet three … Read more