The story is on the duvet: a brand new podcast inspiring France

Press Release – Canadian Association for French-language Education (ACELF) Launches New Podcast Series The story is in an envelope discover inspiring French-Canadian personalities. The first episode on humor, recently published on the Francosphere blog in audio and video, features comedians Rosalie Lacroix and Jonathan Dion of Ontario and Rose Beef alias Tommy Des Rosiers of New Brunswick.

The story in the cover is supposed to be a moment of relaxation and honestly entertaining cultural discoveries on various topics. “This podcast gives space to dynamic people who talk about their journey through Francophones in areas that fascinate them. It is a way for ACELF to promote French-speaking patterns and act as a cultural mediator. The initiative aims to inspire French-language school staff through diverse, modern, open and assertive Canadian francophone, ”explains Richard Lacombe, Executive Director of ACELF.

“According to the questions in the envelopes, our guests reveal and tell their stories,” explains podcast host Jean-François Dion, deputy director of the Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien and a member of the organization. ACELF Strategic Communication Committee.

“The concept of the show was inspired by my first rehearsal with the one who is now my wife. The mystery of the envelopes creates a fun, original and engaging context that leads our guests to share their experiences and opinions on various topics. We want to show these personalities, who embody the country’s francophone, from several angles in a relaxed and friendly way, “he adds.

Podcast series The story is in an envelope presents 6 episodes on various topics. They will be gradually released on the Internet in the coming months. The other two topics will be sports, featuring French-Ontario Olympic athlete Valérie Grenier, and music, which will provide a microphone for French-Ontario singer and songwriter Kimya, among others.

ACELF invites educators, as well as anyone interested in cultural discoveries, to listen to the first episode of The Story is on the cover. It is available online on the Francosphere blog, as well as on Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts, Soundcloud and YouTube.

About the Francosphere blog

Francosphere, ACELF’s blog, aims to inform, equip and inspire French-speaking educators in Canada. It highlights best practices in building a francophone identity. By sharing winning initiatives, testimonies and favorites, he seeks to support the franchise of his audience.


ACELF is a pan-Canadian network of identity building consultants. It supports French-speaking educators in Canada in strengthening their ability to act and their leadership to help young people make an important place for the French language and French-speaking culture in their lives.

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