MFR: Alternation in Sound Immersion

Two years ago, MFR de Haussy launched an original project producing a series of podcasts with a professional journalist for students to present their work and study education. The second season, which has just ended, is available online.

The podcasts were produced by independent journalist and podcaster Fanny Cohen-Moreau. Sound immersion guaranteed. © MFR DE HAUSSY

Lukas, Adrien, Émilie, Théo, Steven, Pernelle, Clément, Léo and Hugo are the protagonists of the 2nd season of the Haussy MFR podcasts (59). It is not the actors who hide behind these names, but the second-year students of SPP who make a living from work-study agriculture, who are involved in an original project initiated last year by David Duwez, a teacher of socio-cultural education, French and history. -geography.

“I listen to a lot of podcasts myself.he says. It is interesting to go through the sound and not through the image, young people like their supervisor practice suits this format »will be confident.

Sound path

The first season consists of portraits of students when they were in first grade. For season 2, podcasts are being recorded on-site at their training site. “In order for the alternation to be concrete, they had to present the professional role they perform on a daily basis.”, explains David Duwez. The production of podcasts was entrusted to the independent journalist and podcaster Fanny Cohen-Moreau, who works mainly for France Inter.

The project pursues the goals of professional and personal development of students. “It allows students to learn how to structure a statement in a coherent way and prepare an oral intervention.”, describes the teacher. A preparation that will be suitable for them to pass exams, including oral exams.

The preparation phase began several weeks before the recording. In the presence of the journalist, the young people became acquainted with the radio equipment. “They thought about the sound path of their podcast, about the important sounds that need to be emphasized to present their work.”continues David Duwez.

Let them hear his voice

Students are also encouraged to think about the topic of the job, their relationship to the job or even the choice of focus. “A podcast allows them to promote their business and realize what they can do.”, says the teacher. Exercise is really challenging. Each episode lasting 10 to 20 minutes is dedicated to a young person. We only hear their voice and a few words from their internship leader. “Everyone played the game and got involved”their teacher rejoices.

The recordings took place in April at very different farms: polycultural dairy farming, nursing, sheep, educational farm, equestrian center (equiterapy). Thanks to these diverse profiles, the podcasts also highlight the diversity of regional agriculture and the different tasks that can be performed in it (animal care, milking, preparation of visits, etc.). History of training support in a sector where recruitment is often difficult.

The operation should be repeated this year with bac pro students.

Find podcasts on listening platforms (Deezer, Spotify) by typing “The
MFR de Haussy podcast ”or on the facility’s blog.

Virginie Charpenet

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