Distant faculty: a headache for households in Drummond

EDUCATION. For most parents, distance learning is a huge workload. Virtual class scheduling. Supervision of children. Computer hardware management. These tasks are difficult to reconcile with full-time work. A look at the families at MRC in Drummond who adapted in record time.

Marie-Pier Bessette lives in Saint-Bonaventure with her husband and five children. The oldest is in the sixth grade, the youngest in the fourth grade, another in the second, fourth in the nursery, and the youngest is eight months old.

Marie-Pier Bessette family calendar. (Courtesy of Photography)

According to the family’s mother, organization is the key to success. With home education, the situation becomes more complicated. When Mrs. Bessette finds herself in front of the riddle, she asks a question.

“I have three children that I have to organize with the time in front of the screen. I received the last work plan on Thursday at 18:00. Why weren’t these schedules sent to the parents in advance? They are ready from the beginning of the school year. It could have been sent before the holidays, “he emphasizes.

Each child has a different work plan. The day before she returned to class, Marie-Pier Bessette created an Excel file, which is a matter of creating a precise schedule for all family members.

Constant supervision

Friday. 8:40 Three schoolchildren are in front of their computer screens and are ready to start the day. They all have their own workspace. “We are lucky to have a spacious house. I have a son who has been diagnosed with ADD. There must not be too much movement around him to be able to concentrate.

Marie-Pier Bessette makes her children available during classes. If her big daughter can become independent, her son must be looked after. “When he doesn’t understand, he has a reflex to ask me questions. Even though teachers do a lot, they need to be supervised by a parent, ”he explains.

For La Bonaventuraine, distance learning is a full-time responsibility. He doesn’t complain about it. During maternity leave, Marie-Pier Bessette enjoys such contact with her children. “It simply came to our notice then. I have the opportunity, the capacity and the energy. I know it’s not for everyone. “

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Work balance

In Saint-Pie-de-Guire, Laurence Lavoie is in charge of distance education. Of his four children, three of them attend online courses at Saint-Bonaventure Elementary School. “I have to deal with children with a small person who is not in the crèche. I work remotely. My work schedule is in the morning before the children get up and in the evening when they go to bed. There is no way to work remotely by managing three different classes at the same time, ”he says.

The children were able to adapt to this new routine. For the first time, her youngest daughter, who goes to kindergarten, was joined by a video conference. From day one, she was able to virtually raise and lower her hand, opening and closing the microphone. “I found it super good,” says Laurence Lavoie proudly.

Fortunately, all schoolchildren have access to a quality internet connection. “We joined the fiber optics last summer. Before, our internet could never have rolled over in three meetings Teams at the same time plus a telework connection for me and a movie on Netflix for a little one.

Motivation at school

The organization of the school is a little different for Valérie Lussier. His two children must be connected for 30 minutes twice a day. “It’s great for them because it provides some continuity. It is more difficult for parents. I am the director and I lead the team. I can work remotely, but I also have to go to the office. With four meetings a day, it’s more difficult, “says the one who also has a one-year-old daughter.

Online courses are not popular in households. The children are demotivated, observes Valérie Lussier. For example, her little boy, who goes to kindergarten, couldn’t wait to be online to see his friends. After a few minutes, he was no longer interested in the situation.

Félix attends her online physical education class. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

The scenario is repeated with his second-class son, who has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). “It’s definitely a challenge with him, because he doesn’t like going to school at the base. Going to wear it to school is already a challenge. At home he must connect to Teams and he has a lot of exercise that he has to do during the day, ”he says.

“It was his turn this morning to talk to the camera and run into the house. While I was catching up with him, the teacher went to another person, “he continues. Valérie Lussier uses several strategies to remedy the situation, such as a remuneration system.

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Recall that to date, the return to the student class is scheduled for January 17. Until then, parents will have to be patient. Valérie Lussier is realistic.

“I am optimistic, but I know it will be an extremely challenging week. I know I will end the week completely exhausted. The week passes in the blink of an eye. I know it will be difficult and I say to myself that I am ready, “he concludes.

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