what you need to right in your assertion as quickly as potential

Yes, the deadline has passed. But in case of a mistake, it’s never too late to fix the overlook! Prevention is better than cure. Our checklist, which last plunges you into the 2022 statement and looks for 3 potential sources of error: complex fields, forgotten tax benefits, and culpable omissions.

Oops! Did you miss the opportunity to claim a tax reduction? Did you use the automatic return without acknowledging the expenses for housework or childcare that gave rise to the tax bonus? Did you forget to admit part of your income? It is better to fix it online as soon as possible: the platform remains accessible at impots.gouv.fr in June. A quick fix will allow you to limit the possible tax increase.

Stop misunderstandings: the deadline has passed well and really. Yes, by adding resources that you forgot to declare, you risk a fine. Therefore, it is not necessary Immerse yourself in online confessions only when absolutely necessary. On the other hand, if you have neglected to claim a tax advantage, the tax return does not affect you in any way … on the contrary, it allows you to make up for it with a credit or reduction request.

Consequences of repairs after the deadline

The Directorate – General for Public Finance (DGFiP) will have to implement and corrective taxation. You will then receive a second tax notification after providing the first end of July in your private area on the tax website. And the payment (or refund of the overpayment) is likely to be made in two installments instead of once this t.

How to fix a tax return after the deadline

1. Boxes for pigeons

If you do not have a TV at home

Slightly less than 5 million tax households usually tick box 0RA, synonymous with the absence of television, follows the statistics of the Directorate – General for Public Finance (DGFiP). It is difficult to determine whether this number exactly matches the number of households that do not have a TV at home (including second homes). However, Bercy’s services themselves acknowledge that many taxpayers forget to check this box and therefore risk to pay badly 138 euros tl fee. Because in the absence of a TV you have to check and if you have a TV, leave the field blank! In short, do nothing = announce TV.

Important clarification: a video projector equipped with a tuner is like a television, but a computer connected to the internet box, not … And beware: If you check the 0RA box while you have a TV, you risk a fine of € 150 for an unregistered TV.in addition to the € 138 television license fees to be paid.

Who can escape the television license fee

If you are a single parent

The isolated parent appears at the very beginning of the declaration. Parents who confirm in 2021 that they will be living alone with one or more dependent children must tick box T. Non-neutral share: you get an additional half share that will automatically reduce your tax, even if the benefit is limited to € 3,756. Incomplete households may also tick this box if the children are in alternate residence: the benefit is divided into two.

If you have t last single parent for at least 5 years, and you are still alone, this time you can check box L, while the benefit is then limited to 952 euros. Note: Widows and widowers must check box V, which is more tax-efficient.

What you need to know before checking the single parent box

If you have income from bank investments

No less than 8 million tax households have left box 2OP empty (default) when they would like to check it in 2019, during the first year of its existence. Loss: 7 euros or less for 4 million households, but more than 50 euros for 1.6 million households! You are concerned if you receive income from assets (unregulated savings accounts, certain PELs, certain stock market income, etc.), which are normally subject to a flat rate deduction (PFU) or flat tax set at 12.80% on income tax. However, non-taxable households and some low-taxed households are interested in checking box 2OP in order to give up PFUs and opt for progressive taxation, as in the case of earned income.

Since then, Bercy has rectified the situation. Theoretically, the tax office will warn you of the incorrect selection at the end of the return. Logically, no mistake is possible anymore … at least not without you being informed when completing your declarative task.

2. Forgotten tax breaks and credits

If your children are in college, high school or college

You are entitled to a tax reduction when your dependent children attend college, high school or college. In this case, enter the number of children continuing their studies in 2021 in the boxes 7EA (University), 7EC (secondary school) a 7EF (higher education) or line just below for shared housing. This tax reduction is largely unknown: at Oups.gouv.fr, Bercy cites this omission among the 20 most common reporting errors. Each of these fields is filled in by less than 2 million households each year … but the national education system lists 3.4 million high school students and 2.3 million high school students.

are you sure you haven’t forgotten about any tax cuts?

If your children were born between 2015 and 2021

Did your children be under 6 on January 1, 2021? All childcare costs are eligible for a 50% tax bonus. Yes, all childcare costs, including pre-schools, kindergartens, leisure centers, crèches … and not just the salaries of babysitters, the only fees pre-filled in your statement thanks to your statements about Pajemploi. If you forget, go to the board 7GA-7GB-7GC (depending on the child concerned). As it is a tax bonus, this benefit also benefits non-taxable households.

How to use the tax bonus for child care

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If you are giving to charity, political parties or unions

Almost 6 million households declare donations to charities every year. However, it is a common mistake to get lost in the categorization of charitable donations. All donations in 2021 to organizations to help people in difficulty (Restos du Coeur, Red Cross, Secours populaire, etc.) must be completed on the line 7UD, even if the amount exceeds the 75% reduction ceiling set this year on donations of € 1,000. The tax authorities will then transfer the surplus to another category of gifts, which has a reduction ceiling of 66%. In addition, special boxes are donated to political parties (7HU) or trade union fees (7AC).

Namely: trade union levies do not entitle to a reduction, but to a tax bonus! The only condition to be entitled to this: not to choose the actual costs (in this case, they must be included in the actual costs).

3. Failed omissions

If you have a foreign account: Revolut, N26 …

Do you have a Revolut, N26, Monese or Bunq bank card? All these facilities are characterized by being located abroad. If you opened an account in 2021 or had one in 2021, you are obliged to inform the tax authorities about its existence by filling in Annex 3916. Don’t panic: reporting this payment account abroad will have no effect on your tax amount.

How to declare your N26, Revolut or PayPal accounts?

If you or your children have a student job

Are you a student (or your dependent child is a student) and do you understand that it is not necessary to declare income? It is a mistake! You must declare income from student employment by applying for a partial exemption: the first 4690 euros are therefore exempt for students under the age of 26. If the resources drawn from your student work (or from your child’s employment) exceed this limit, you must declare a surplus: 310 euros if the annual income from the student work increases to, for example, 5000 euros. Revenue indicates a line 1AD if you file your own confession, line 1CJ-1DJ if it is your child or children. On the other hand, if the income comes from a paid traineeship, the exemption threshold is much higher (€ 18,760).

Reconnect your children or not: a calculation you need to do before making a choice

If your parents give you money on a regular basis

Do your parents give you money, every month or at least regularly, to help you financially? Do I have to declare this additional income to the tax office? Theoretically yes: regular donation cannot be considered as a present use, even if it is a modest amount, because from a tax point of view, donations must remain timely and event – related. In fact, the risk of tax retraining is low if the amounts are reasonable, but it is still better to be transparent.

In addition, if the money you receive each month is needed to meet your needs, it is even in your parents’ interest to award this amount: they can benefit from a maintenance deduction that will reduce their income tax. To know: if your parents choose to count these gifts as a alimony, fill in the declaration in their declaration: possible choice provided that you can prove to the tax office that you need this financial support for life. Then you must also fill in these amounts in the income category line 1AO (maintenance received).

Do I have to declare every month what my parents pay me?

Other common mistakes

It is not possible to make an exhaustive list of everything you should have changed, as the situations are very diverse, but also because the pre-filled statement does not cover all income families. Among other things, don’t forget to detail the revenues from platforms like Airbnb, which are well-informed but not pre-filled. Do not forget about holiday vouchers exceeding the annual ceiling of 1590 euros, or restaurant tickets when the company’s participation exceeds 5.55 euros per day, or some gifts from the employer …

10 mistakes to avoid in the tax return

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