twenty first Century Schooling: On-line or Offline?

Distance learning: Advantages and disadvantages of online courses

Even before the coronary pandemic broke out, online education opportunities increased significantly. Online tutoring – especially language tutoring – has become increasingly popular recently. You can now speak any language from home. The “forced digitization” caused by coronavirus and imprisonment has reinforced this trend.

Today, seminars or e-learning are fully automated, even in public educational institutions. Participants follow the seminar at their own pace. Online learning is so easy that you can even learn new languages ​​and skills online. Platforms like LiveXP, Preply, Italki, Cambly and many more have helped students who want to learn languages ​​online such as Spanish, German, French, Italian, English and of course Hindi, Arabic, Persian and more.

Benefits of online courses

Online courses are often much cheaper for students than private lessons. Travel and accommodation costs are also waived. In addition, some companies assume that participants receive off-hours training.

For the service provider, it is not just accommodation costs and travel costs that need to be eliminated. All sales limits (region, capacity, calendar, …) are also. Thanks to the scalability of seminars or online training, a huge amount of training can be sold in parallel. Even with webinars, the effort is reduced compared to on-site training.

Flexibility in terms of learning times and places

Students can take courses at their own pace, where they want and when they want. Online courses do not impose a schedule on students. Everyone can adapt their training plan to their personal situation.

Cost reduction

By replacing personal training with an online course, you will save on shipping costs, additional external food costs, the cost of hiring an external trainer, the cost of printed documents and the physical space to store them, and much more.

Simplified content update

The world around us is in constant motion. Regulations are being adapted, legislation is constantly changing and research results are being refuted. That’s why books and articles are rapidly losing their relevance. Regular replacement of printed materials and manuals is expensive. Online courses are not updated. Of course, it takes time. However, content changes are immediately available to students anywhere in the world.

Disadvantages of online courses

It requires self-discipline and good time management

He who speaks of great freedom speaks of great responsibility. Some people manage them, others don’t. Online courses require self-discipline. Students should find time to exercise. They must therefore prioritize the course and not put other activities in between. It can be difficult for anyone who has a lot of work to follow the program.

Limited communication with the coach

E-learning keeps interaction between trainers and participants to an absolute minimum. However, for some, the presence of a trainer, personal attention and discussion with other participants is necessary to learn new information.

Reading is annoying

Sitting in front of a computer or tablet for hours without a break can affect vision. Back pain can also be a significant problem. If one has already spent the whole day at the table, it is quite understandable that additional reading on the screen is hardly tempting.

New professional opportunities. How to work from home?

If your first language is English, tutoring can help you make money by teaching your language online. You don’t have to go to school for that. Online platforms have become a popular way of tutoring from home. English as a Second Language (ESL) is a discipline that will not just disappear.

The advantage of teaching English online is that it provides one of the lowest barriers to entry into the remote labor market. It is not necessary to have any pedagogical experience. And on some platforms you don’t even need a title. If you speak English, working in online teaching is possible for you.

Of course, as an online English teacher, you must have access to a reliable internet connection. When your hours are reserved, you must adhere to them. If you are interested in this opportunity, consider LiveXP as a platform for online learning.

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