Training: “organized chaos” by commerce union.

All trade unions condemn the absence of substitutes in schools, universities and secondary schools.

At the heart of last winter, teachers responded en masse to a call from their unions to protest against their working conditions. At the heart of their concerns is the lack of substitutes in the absence of teachers and secondary school teachers.

Five months later, none of the measures in place complies with them. They have just published a petition online and want to meet with Patrice Lemoine, director of national education services. “Except for sprinkling a few contract staff,” explains Eric Lafond of Snudi-FO, “our demands have not been heard.” A total of about thirty jobs have been vacated. An inspection by the College found that 150 to 200 alternates were missing.

“It is chaos organized by the ministry through the rectorate,” unions say. According to them, this chaos results in the disorganization of teaching in the 1st as in the 2nd grade. “It has become structural and it has nothing to do with Covid, as they say,” says Guillaume Arruat of FSU-SNUipp. “Permanently present teachers are obliged to welcome students, substitutes change from day to day. Continuity of education is no longer ensured.”

“No techno of the year”

It’s the same scenario in high school. Lucie Tessier (Sgen-CFDT) had the opportunity to see that students “no longer have lessons, such as technology, since September”. Malik Saami of Snes-FSU announces classes “without a teacher of modern literature or environmental management.” This teacher insists, “We have to hire trained staff.”

The question is not new. The answer is still pending. The teachers’ unions in Lot-et-Garonne regret that the department does not, like the Dordogne, have the power of attraction in the Basque Country or the Gironde. “Teachers are appointed,” comments Laetitia Calbet (Snetaa-FO). “Despite the bonuses granted to them in the medium term, the appointed teachers do not even come.”

Other phenomena are also observed, such as “displacement of leaders during the year, or even the use of AEDs, future teachers without training. Leaders are not teachers or parents. The government’s intention is a problem. whether he is not trained. “

How many substitutes? “There are dozens of positions,” estimates Guillaume Arruat of SNUipp. “There is a real desire for disorganization and a real problem with the attractiveness of the profession, especially in departments like ours.” The beginning of the school year 2022/2023 already looks complicated for professionals in public education.

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