The UK, aside from Africans scholarship program, questions the worldwide rating of universities

(Ecofin Agency) – No African university is in the Top 50 of the world’s top three rankings. A situation that excludes their graduates from the scholarship and work program just launched by the British government.

Graduates of African universities will not be able to apply for the new study and work grant program they have just launched in the UK. For good reason, the program only accepts graduates from the top 50 universities in the world that recognize at least two of the world’s top three rankings, namely Times Higher Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Quacquarelli Cabinet. Symonds.

This condition automatically excludes universities from the Black Continent, because if the editions of these 3 rankings in 2022 place the University of South Africa in Cape Town at the forefront, it will reach world place for Times Higher Education, taking it 226th worldwide for Quacquarelli Symonds. According to Jiao Tong University, it is also not one of the 200 best universities in the world.

Since then, several African and foreign academics have challenged these assessments, assessing indicators only. This is the case of Professor Olusol Oyewole, Secretary General of the Association of African Universities, who considered the eligibility criteria unfair.

“A rating system that considers the number of Nobel Prize winners to be a measure of academic reputation may not favor African universities”He said University World News. “Global ranking indices, such as academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty-to-student ratio, faculty citations, international faculty ratio, and international student ratio, are usually favored by long-established universities.”.

Irina Filatova, a professor emeritus at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, has the same feeling of injustice. “It’s good that universities are competing with each other, but the problem is that the rating system is distorted in favor of English-speaking and technology universities. If you look at the best universities, they are all among the best in technology. “.

Professor Farooq Kperogi of Kennesaw State University in Georgia, “University rankings are a Euro-American obsession. They are nothing but a perception of institutional prestige and recognition of the name. […] which do not necessarily reflect quality ’.

Professor Owoyemi Elegbeleye of the University of Lagos in Nigeria wished CNNthat the United Kingdom reconsider this condition. “The UK government should consider expanding this policy so that Africans can benefit from it. They can expand the list of competencies to the first 300 “ declared?

The United Kingdom has not yet announced any intention to reconsider the eligibility conditions of its program. Note that the latter aims to offer work visas to graduates of the best universities in the world as part of the expansion of its immigration system after Brexit, which aims to attract workers.the brightest“These are graduates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree who can apply for a two-year work visa and be able to take family members with them. Doctoral holders can apply for a three-year visa. Year.”

Vanessa Ngono Atangana

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