Summer season in Chambery! – Tourism

As the summer draws to a close, Chambery is preparing to host and host many events and celebrations in the heart of the city. A real breath of fresh air after two years of health restrictions.

The summer entertainment season officially opened on Thursday 9 June at the Cité des arts during a press briefing at Thierry Repentin, Chambéry Mayor, Jean-Pierre Casazza, Deputy Minister for Culture and Folk Education, Michel Camoz, Delegate for Cultural Education, as well as city services in connection with the organization of events. Together with them, the director of Grand Chambery Alpes Tourisme and his team, who were also able to present their new tourist proposals this summer.

With more than 250 events organized since mid-June, the program is rich and varied: world music, classics, entertainment, pop or even reggae, sports and cultural activities … everyone gets their own way!

Some interesting things that will make your mouth tight!

  • music Festival : for his 41th edition, will meet in the city center on June 21 from 18.00 to 13.00. You will be able to walk through our city from the stages through the acoustic zones to the sandstone melodies offered by 97 music formations!
  • a Continents market : we no longer mention. From 17 to 18 June, the Parc du Verney will be full of colors, good smells and joy of life to celebrate international solidarity,
  • “summer quarter” : This state-sponsored Grand Chambéry allows you to offer a very extensive program of entertainment, activities and performances in many parts of the city during the summer, including Hauts-de-Chambéry, Biollay, Bellevue and Bissy all long summer! Notice in the preview the concert “Neg Marron” with “Tyab” in the first part on the lawn in Mâconnais, August 23 at 20:45,
  • a French-Italian festival Vis-à-vis : launched in early June in Les Charmettes, returns to Chambery on 2 and 3 July to “think and cultivate the world in the gardens of Jean-Jacques Rousseau”,
  • Gautier Capuçon’s concertsat the Parc du Verney, 4 and 5 July: the beginning of the French tour of the famous cellist from Chambery for his “summer in France”,
  • summer concert in the Cathedral of St-François-de-Sales, July 12: 3rd edition of this big evening dedicated to the classical repertoire. Ambronay Academy, led by Ophélie Gaillard, will present Mozart, Boccherini and Haydn,
  • Parade of July 14 and July 15 fireworks : to celebrate the national holiday, the dancers of the Festival of World Cultures as well as the 13thth Barby’s battalion of alpine hunters will perform rue de Boigne and then invite all Chambery for a Republican drink. The next day, the fireworks will return to Chambery, fired from Piochet, in the Hauts-de-Chambery district around 22:15. The festivities will start at 19:00 with on-site dining, picnic sharing and music listening. The fireworks will be followed by a dance party with a DJ. A shuttle service will be set up from the center of Chambery. Run in your gardens and open your windows and eyes wide, you can also admire this fireworks from many places in the agglomeration,
  • the dreams of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, in August in the Charmettes Garden: concerts for escape, travel and dreaming,
  • gala evening in Biollay July 22, which will unite residents at the night craft market and concert rhythm and blues Jamaican,
  • Tuesday concerts : On July 19 and 26, August 2 and 9, Carré Curial will be transformed into a concert hall with 4 diverse groups. The first parts will be made in Chambéry with 100% local musicians!
  • continuously, during the summer : exhibitions at the Eureka Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts or the Hôtel de Cordon…

And it’s not over! Many other events and activities await you by the end of August.

If you want to know all about it, go to our online agenda, which will be gradually supplemented, and you will find an overview of the program in Chambery magazine which just came out (No. 147 – spring 2022)

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