soccer. Champion of France from the College of Caen: “It is superb!”

Caen students shone in Montbéliarde, where the Final 4 of the French University Championship took place. © DR

Champions! STAPS students from the University of Caen completed their mission and became French champions this Thursday, June 9, 2022 in Montbéliard. The day after a complicated victory against Nanterre (2: 1), they defeated Marseille (3: 1) in style in the final.

Just like the day before, in this final match Caen ran after the score. “We had a lot of chances in the first half, but we couldn’t transform them,” says young coach Benjamin Briand. On the contrary, the only intrusion in Marseille hit his eyes … ”However, the Normans reacted very quickly to the Provencal scorer. ASPTT’s Caen Kévin Quénéa tried to break through in the middle repeatedly, but couldn’t get past the visitors’ defenders.

“Gold Band”

Caused Caennais continued to undermine in the second half and it was again Kevin Quénéa who made the difference. His head “filoche”, as he so well says, and the team Caen took the lead. The third goal was divided the day before by the decisive Saint-Lois Paul Leherpeur.

During two matches we were able to return to the score, which testifies to our dedication and solidarity. It is a golden group that has made a difference in misfortune.

Benjamin Briand

The Normans claim that during this competition they “never doubted” with crossed joy and good mood. “What we’ve done is amazing,” says Kevin Quénéa. When we play football, we hope to be able to experience and share these emotions. »

In N1 next season

For the people of Caen, the pleasure is ten times higher. “We’ve formed an incredible group with the guys,” says Benjamin Briand. However, the group deprived of the European qualification, which usually falls to the champion of France. Caen played in National 2, but only the French N1 champion is invited to the European scene.

It’s a shame because the levels are close and it was the choice of the University of Caen, to reduce costs, to degrade to N2. But it’s already amazing what we’ve accomplished.

Caen should accept the procedure reserved for the four teams that qualified for the final square, so they will advance to National 1 next season. It will be with a semi-renewed group, as many students will go on to a master’s degree in other horizons. One more reason to celebrate the end of a great adventure.

French Champions Group: Anthony Barré (Alençon N3), Émilien Hedou (Granville R1), Evan Olivier (St-Lô N3), Robin Housset (Granville R1), Mattéo Le Gall (Granville R1), Clément Duval (St-Lô R1), Enzo Nefaut ( Flers R1), Kevin Quénéa (PTT Caen R1), Clément Noyelle (Villers-Bocage R3), Sacha Perrotte (St-Lô R1), Cyprien Marie (physical trainer ASPTT Caen), Odin Masset (St-Lô R1), Alexis Jeanne (Cherbourg N3), Ruben Lecellier (Granville R1), Malo Guivarc’h (Verson R2), Julien Guesnet (AG Caen R3), Titouan Dufour (Saint-Lô R1), Louis Bretteville (Mondeville R3), Dousess Bossard (St- Lô R1), Dorian Bertrand (Flers R1), Paul Leherpeur (Saint-Lô N3), Valentin Letourneur (Cherbourg N3), Titouan Dufour (Vire R2)

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