On the Sorbonne, college administration needs to dissolve pupil organizations extra simply

The presidency of the University of Paris 1 has decided to review the charter of student associations, which defines the rules for “participation in student life and activities on campus”. Under the pretext of ” improve university support and association support »The leadership leads a real Kabbalah against the association and political freedoms within the university. If this charter is only a proposal of the CFVU standing committee, the governing board of university life, its aim is to expand the presidency’s capacity to dissolve student organizations.

The Paris 1 presidency is ready to do anything to prevent students’ political organization

This project of revision of the Charter of student associations of the university directly attacks the interested associations. Like the old valid charter, the management allows only and only to suspend the association “at any time” when it considers that ” the activity of the association or its members disturbs the public order, morality or safety of persons and property or its operating rules Behind these vague concepts lies the possibility for associations to take part in blockades, protests and, in particular, occupations. It is clear that a political association or trade union could be sentenced to dissolution for mobilizing according to the historical methods of the student movement.

This reinforces the criminalization of fighting in universities, similar to government attempts at LPR. The Senate has indeed proposed adding to the law a “crime offense” to punish: ” entry or stay on the premises of a higher education institution without a permit […] or have been authorized to do so by the competent authorities in order to disturb the peace or good order of the establishment If this amendment to the LPR fails, the presidencies will join forces with the government to step up pressure on the right to political organization at universities.

What is new, however, is that the Charter also requires associations respect republican and university values The management of Paris 1 follows in the footsteps of a government whose research programming law has made it possible to introduce the concept of respect for [« valeurs de la république » —> https://universiteouverte.org/2020/10/29/loi-de-programmation-de-la-recherche-nuit-noire-sur-le-senat/] as a prerequisite for academic freedom. But also in line with the law on separatism, which since its inception has made it possible to multiply the demise of organizations such as the CCIF arbitrarily dissolved by the government at the end of 2020. The Paris 1 presidency to quell any criticism of the institution and make student organizations agents of neoliberal politics and the destruction of higher education and research. He clearly shows a white paw.

Especially since Article 1 of the Charter also makes it possible to limit the topics allowed for organization at the university. As defined in the current text: “student associations can thus focus in particular on the development of activities related to culture, sport, health, solidarity, the definition of citizenship or the fight against discrimination”. It is clear that at all costs avoid avoiding politics and organizing against government policy, for example.

Attack on militant law and further mobilization of young people

A few months after the rejection expressed by some of the youth of the reactionary second round between Macron and Le Pen, this new charter is certainly a response to the occupation of the Sorbonne. While the next five-year period promises explosiveness in the community and especially among student youth, the Paris 1 presidency has decided to attack student organizations and the right to militate.

This new charter would thus allow the management to further ostracize the associations involved in politics at the university and limit the possibility of collective organization of students. Especially since only recognized associations “will be able” get room for meeting, conference “or have a local,” they consolidated their headquarters at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in one of the university’s centers “. Like the old Charter, this new text is used to justify the repression of all forms of mobilization, as it also provides that” The University reserves the right to suspend any event due to a breach of public order, a threat to health and safety or a threat to persons “. In addition, the text adds that if” The distribution of leaflets is free of charge on the premises of the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne “,” in the event of interference disrupting the proper functioning of the facility, the President of the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne may request the termination of the broadcast. It is therefore up to the management to decide whether or not this or that distribution of leaflets is allowed and whether or not it should stop. , because the charter prohibits any “person outside the university community” from “distributing documents on the premises of the Sorbonne”. “,” without the express permission of the President of the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

It is therefore an attack on all trade unions and militant associations that defend the rights of students, but also, more broadly, against those who are fighting against sexist or racist oppression or for defending the planet. In line with the presidency’s offensive in recent years, between increasing the number of security guards, using Covid to make it difficult to reserve a room or state, this text could support libertic practices against the right to be a university activist.

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