Mahatma Gandhi College: The CNT exchanges with college students for about 100 days

As part of the popularization of its 100-day report, the National Transitional Council (CNT) organized a conference on Thursday, June 9, 2022, at Mahatma Gandhi’s private university in Conakry. The delegation, led by Adviser Pr Hassan Bah, discussed with students the role and mission of the CNT, the governing bodies and the prospects of the institution.

The venue of this meeting was the conference room of the mentioned university. Professor Hassan Bah and his three colleagues, who make up the CNT delegation, explained the purpose of the meeting to the students. And at the end of that meeting, he said he was quite happy with the exchanges.

Pr Hassane Bah, CNT National Adviser

“This meeting is part of a series of activities carried out by the CNT President on the occasion of the CNT’s 100 days. It was on this occasion that the President instructed us to come to Mahatma Gandhi University and inform them of the goals of the transition, the goals of the CNT and the activities it carries out. We are very satisfied because we have met students who are very interested in the future of the country, who are also interested in the activities that the CNT will carry out in the coming years. We have responded to their concerns, we have told them the CNT’s policy so that we have a successful transition in this country, peaceful and which will enable us to achieve a rapid return to constitutional order. We were absolutely right. You know, universities are temples of knowledge. So this is the future of this country. We had a very rewarding exchange stay with these students and we valued them very much. He said, adding that the exercise would be extended to other social and professional organizations. “We will meet with academics, socio-professional organizations and possibly political parties to explain to them what we have done and what we intend to do in the context of the transition,” said Pr Hassan Bah.

N’na Bintou Diawara, a university student in civil engineering at Mahatma Gandhi University

N’na Bintou Diawara, a License 2 civil engineering student at Gandhi University, told a Guineematin reporter what she had learned as a lesson at the end of the meeting. According to her, the national advisers explained that the CNT acts as a transitional parliament and as such is the body that is to regulate and follow the transitional charter drawn up by the CNRD and propose a new constitution. It is also a space for dialogue that contributes to strengthening the social fabric of our country. “I have learned many lessons. It is already a body I have to trust. There are several consecutive assemblies here, but we have never seen MPs come to university students to explain the privileges they have been granted. We now have an authority that comes to explain what it wants to do for us or what it wants to do for the country in general to get out of the crisis, let’s say Guinea does not experience a new transition. They explained to us a lot of things they do daily, what they want to do in the next 100 days, what their prospects are, “she said.

Mamadou Mountaga Bah, a student of accounting at Mahatma Gandhi University in Conakry

Same feeling with Mamadou Mountaga Bah, an accounting student who says he knew things he didn’t know about the CNT. “We are pleased to meet with esteemed national advisers on our premises today to discuss the results of the 100-day, CNT perspective. It is a feeling of pride and joy. We learned a few lessons. A lot of things are done internally that people didn’t know about. We understand that the transition is in full swing. The success of the CNT is the success of the transition, so that there is no further transition. I have had reason to participate since we talked about the results of the CNT. It is something I really wanted to know and this is the reason that motivated me to come and participate, “he concludes.

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