Legislative yr 2022 in Val-de-Marne # circo9403: priorities of Guillaume Poiret (PRG)

Questionnaire 94 Citizens of the parliamentary elections 2022
128 candidates are running in 11 Val-de-Marne constituencies on 12 June. 94 Citizens invites everyone to answer a number of questions in order to compare the priorities of the candidates. The answers are published as they appear.
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What are, very briefly, 5 questions that you consider a priority in your ride and what commitments can you make to defend them in the event of an election?

How does the National Assembly work? 577 locally elected deputies, who, however, form the law for everyone
The National Assembly, together with the Senate, is one of two elected chambers that make up the parliament responsible for passing laws. These laws are either proposed by the government before they are discussed and voted in parliament, or they are proposed by the deputies themselves.
The Assembly has 577 deputies elected by direct universal suffrage in the legislature. For example, Val-de-Marne has 11 constituencies. Thus, deputies are elected locally even if they then work on drafting the law from a national point of view.

1 ° Protect our environment

Words have meaning I prefer to talk about the environment rather than embarrassing myself as some opponents do. Our territory benefits from beautiful forested areas, numerous agricultural areas and a rich heritage that needs to be protected. It also has an airport, which is an economic benefit and a source of very severe constraints, intersected by noisy railways, very busy roads like any other urban environment. MEPs must therefore be careful that development does not take place at the expense of the environment to which every citizen is entitled.

Protecting our environment therefore includes:
Reduction of inconveniences at airports: restriction of large carriers, strict adherence to 200,000 movements, extension of the curfew by one hour and rejection of any privatization of ADP (recall that the outgoing Member voted for this privatization without bothering to ask his fellow citizens …)

Continuation of the derogation from RN19: this is an old project that has been the subject of widespread support from all elected representatives for twenty years. The current project requires increased funding. It seems necessary to me to continue the fight to obtain additional state credits.

Reduction of harassment from RN6: construction of a new crossing of the Seine, development of public transport networks between the two banks in order to reduce car use.

2 ° Ensure equal access to care

Help SAMI Limeil Brévannes to help fund nursing homes, especially in areas suffering from a shortage of carers. The COVID crisis has shown how large the local infrastructure is for the proper functioning of our healthcare system.

Ensuring the optimal functioning of extraordinary events by enabling the recruitment of employees and their fair remuneration is a very problematic situation, especially in CHIV.

Anticipate population aging not only through tighter EEAAD controls, but also by ceasing to pursue policies of administrative simplification, which increasingly exclude populations with a loss of autonomy.

3 ° Design an ambitious public transport policy for suburban / suburban connections

Paradoxically, our territory is poorly connected to the center of Orly, so we have the inconveniences, but not the advantages, of the airport and Rungis Market. It is therefore necessary to promote numerous connections to better connect cities with the economic poles.
These include the extension of line 18 Grand Paris Express to Boissy Saint Léger to connect RER CDs and A to the Orly junction, the construction of the Orly Sucy tram train, the study of the extension of cable 1 to Villeneuve-Saint-RER Georges and Villeneuve-le-Roi. Also, design a tram line for the cities of the Briard Plateau, which are congested without adjusting to the public transport offer, causing a severe slowdown every morning on the RN19, which sooner or later cannot be stopped by any diversion.

4 ° Ensure the safety of all

Our territories are generally neglected, while experiencing strong demographic growth, which is leading to increased demand for security and public peace.
It is recommended to design a policy capable of responding to the following requirements:
Renovation of the Villeneuve-Saint-Georges police station
By allowing the Boissy-Saint-Léger police station to focus on the Briard plateau and the city of Boissy.

5 ° Securing a place for the youth of our territory

Our territory is characterized by the relative youth of the population. However, it is clear that this category is neglected when we talk about local issues. There is a strong demand for sports infrastructure, business start-up support, training assistance, etc. I want to get involved in this issue so that 15-30 year olds find their place and have an attentive ear. There are real gems in the suburbs, our job must be to help them appear.

Who is Guillaume Poiret?
I am lecturer in geography and regional planning at the University of Paris Est Créteil, vice president of heritage and sustainable development at my university. I am part of the AMAP from Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, I have also volunteered for a long time at the Vivre Ensemble in Villeneuve le Roi.
Age : 40 years
Occupation : academic
Current or past elected seats : From 2014 to 2020, I was Deputy Mayor for Culture and Urbanism in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges
Substitute : Alice N’Takpe, Villeneuvoise Bank Manager

What are the proposals of your political movement’s program, in short, the five proposals that seem to you to be a priority? Can you bring in any personal nuances that could be subject to amendment?

1 ° Strengthen the purchasing power of the whole population:

Decent pensions for any full career: no pension below the minimum wage
SMIC reassessment
Better paid internships, students bring added value to companies, they have quality, they must see that their skills are recognized and valued at fair value
Increase in salaries in the civil service. Recruiting teachers, carers, and police has become difficult. Why? because we do not pay them enough and at the same time impose difficult working conditions on them, it must stop.

2 ° Protect our environment

Implement a zero waste policy
Train public service agents in these questions so that they can answer users
Promote cycling and gentle circulation
Strengthen short circuits and protect nearby farmland while developing urban agriculture
Adopt an ambitious plan for the development of rail freight in order to reduce the presence of heavy goods vehicles on routes that are already heavily used.

3 ° Enhanced public services (education, hospital, security, etc.)

Guarantee equal access for citizens to public services
create a public childcare service
Design a multi-annual teacher recruitment plan and increase teachers’ salaries
By building student housing to meet strong demand, UPEC has grown from 32,000 to more than 40,000 students in four years without enough housing supply.
Restore the local police and ensure a fair distribution of police personnel in the various territories

4 ° Economics in the service of society

Submit mergers / acquisitions in strategic sectors for approval
Create a carbon tax on luxury goods
Create differentiated VAT to promote local products

5 ° A fairer social model

Our society, based on equality and merit, has enabled an unequal and unjust social organization to emerge that reproduces exclusions rather than eliminates them, in particular by renewing its contribution to wealth.
I have personally met many young people who wanted to start their own business and did not always find the answers on the spot or the right help. However, there are many devices, but they are not always clear or legible, I want to simplify it all and allow the existence of local helpdesks for business creators.

Which commission would you like to sit on?
Commission for Sustainable Development and Regional Planning. On the one hand, this is the subject of my study, but it is also a central question for me. Development is part of planning and design in landscape construction. It deals with the issues of the environment, energy transformation and the best spatial distribution of activities and wealth. This is a key issue.

How does the National Assembly work? commissions
The National Assembly relies on the thematic standing committees on which all members are divided to work on all matters. They therefore meet in committee to work on the texts before defending them in the Chamber. There are currently 8 standing committees: Culture and Education, Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Social Affairs, State Defense and Armed Forces, Sustainable Development and Regional Planning, Finance and Law. In each committee, the political groups have a number of seats proportional to their number. The remaining seats are allocated to unregistered elected representatives. The Member is therefore not sure that he will sit on the commission of his choice.

If there was only one item that you could wear during your term? Which would it be and how would you defend it?

I want to participate in the energy transformation of the state. Climate emergency makes the socially weakest situations more difficult. The social issue and the environmental issue are closely linked. There are many people in a precarious situation in our constituency, we must be proactive and ensure that the state is on the side of those who suffer the most to support them in their ecological transformation.


How do you intend to inform the citizens of your constituency about your parliamentary procedure and take their reactions into account?
I have the advantage of living in a horse riding. Not everyone can say the same thing. The first way to exchange with fellow citizens on a regular basis will therefore be for some of them on a daily basis at meetings in the markets, on the street and so on. This availability of an elected representative is an important element. However, this is not enough, because it is a large constituency. Firstly, I plan to set up two hotlines to promote better access. I have also committed myself to regular written reports on the mandate and the annual meetings that need to be discussed. A special website will be set up to animate regularly, as well as an Instagram account and a tick to show different aspects of the mandate and try to reach as many people as possible. I’m pretty present on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchate, but these are my personal accounts and I admit that I don’t like mixing genres. As a representative I will continue in this department, public accounts are made to be questioned about their activities, private accounts are for family, friends and acquaintances, this sometimes allows you to disconnect what is valuable.

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