ICEM-CI acknowledges its most lively members

The Côte d’Ivoire Social Media Education Initiative (IcemCi) has honored some of its members who have excelled in the life of this young association, which has set itself the goal of training, raising awareness and educating Côte d’Ivoire people in the proper use of social media.

7 dear active members

It was this Saturday, June 4, at the headquarters of the National Youth Council of Côte d’Ivoire (Cnjci) in the village of Cocody on the occasion of the celebration of the first year of existence of this association of young citizens from different sectors of activity.

ICEM-CI wants to be an association that also promotes the excellence and civic engagement of young people in order to have an impact

” ICEM-CI wants to be an association that also advocates for the excellence and civic engagement of young people to have an impact on their society and relevant communities. ” supported the National President of the structure Aboubakar Sawadoga, who awarded awards for excellence to 7 ICEM-CI members who actively contributed to the life of the association at the age of only 1 year. ” These are our best moments between June 2021 and June 2022. These members have identified Year 1 of the Citizens’ Social Media Education Initiative, ” he added.

Note that other ICEMCI members have also received honorary diplomas that reflect recognition of their participation in ICEM-CI life. In addition to these differences, ICEM-CI also started fact-finding training. Training as part of a national campaign to combat bogus and online hate speech, initiated by the association. ICEM-CI members as well as several other young association leaders were trained in information verification techniques. Donatien Kangah, a media education specialist, were the coaches of the day.

7 Icemci members were honored

1. 1. HONORARY SUPER MEMBER AWARD: Mariam Timité, application developer at SITC Southernit Consulting

2. 1. AWARD FOR THE BEST MEMBER: Awa Kafando, a trading company of GKL Distribution

3. 1st prize for the committed member, Myriam Coulibaly, press officer at the Ministry of Good Governance and the Fight against Corruption.

4. 2. AWARD FOR THE BEST MEMBER, Alassane Coulibaly, Logistics Engineer, Entrepreneur in Bouaké and Toumodi.

5th Prize for the best journalist committed to making good use of social media in Côte d’Ivoire, Gael Zozoro, Pressecotedivoire journalist

6. Award for the most engaged member in the promotion of ICEM-CI on social networks., Idriss Doumbia, businessman

7. Prize for a journalism student who is committed to fighting false news and hate speech online. Rébecca Dabiré, student of journalism license 1 at ESMA Marcory.

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