Gerald’s Notes # 3

Here is on the eve of the meeting of Thot Cursus on pedagogical news.

In the program:

  • Video game and classroom usage magazine,
  • a YouTube channel you can watch
  • Autonomy of adult students,
  • Summary of explicit learning,
  • Podcast about working together,
  • A selection of 5 pages for hand-drawn illustrations,
  • The worst digital education manager in the world.

Good reading!

Les Petits Cahiers Ludens no. 6: Video games and educational activities

Here is the 6th issue of Les Petits Cahiers Ludens magazine, produced by Team Ludens! The theme of this new work is divided into two volumes: the first will focus on pedagogical distractions, while the second will highlight all teacher-designer * video games of all kinds.

* Various contributors: Julien Annart, Yann Leroux, Julian Alvarez, Jessica Dejas, David Plumel, Pascal Mériaux, Aurore Granger-Ambrazé, Gaël Gilson, Kévin Péloquin, Christian Grondin & Mathieu Malfoy.

Link to the magazine

Website of the day: Johann Nallet’s YouTube channel

Freewares & Tutos has republished one of its articles from June 2021, giving honor to Johann Nallet’s excellent YouTube channel. In addition to his duties as a teacher, he is also the author of numerous video tutorials on digital tools for the world of education. And really Gold mine» just one click!

Article link

Are adult independent students?

According to Knowles’ theory, he is an adult autonomous student. Adults take the initiative to diagnose their own needs and lead self-directed learning (Knowles, 1973). But what exactly is it? Youri Minne gives us some answers in this article written for Sydology.

Article link

Explicit teaching: what is it, why does it work and under what conditions?

Explicit teaching is often misunderstood, even criticized. However, there is nothing traditional about it. It is a structured teaching where the teacher’s activity – necessary – aims to support the active involvement of students and a better understanding of the subject. Here is a summary of the research and recommendations proposed by the Scientific Council for National Education (CSEN).

The text was written by Pascal Bressoux, Professor of Educational Sciences at the University of Grenoble Alpes, with contributions by Liliane Sprenger-Charolles, Marie Bocquillon and Marc Demeus.

Summary link

My #DPcontinu – EP.04 – working together

In this new episode of the series Why should I care …?, Maxime Pelchat (CADRE21) discusses a collaboration with Sophie Nadeau-Tremblay (School Network). In particular, they discuss with their students the winning conditions for starting a joint work process.

Podcast link

5 pages where you will find beautiful hand-drawn illustrations

Whether it’s delivering a craft touch to a document, presenting or inspiring to improve your graphic style in sketchnoting (or croquinote in French), here is a selection of five pages designed by Philippe Boukobz, founder of “Visual Tools”.

Article link

How to disgust your students e-learning?

Are you tired of distance learning in the form of e-learning or virtual lessons? Be at peace. Raphaëlle Guy (Sydology) in a funny tone gives us an overview of the practices that will make us the worst manager of digital education. Chronicle of diving.

Article link

While waiting for another meeting next week, I wish you a pleasant week!

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