Eurêka Gallery renews its partnership with the College of Savoie Mont-Blanc

The partnership agreement between the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc (USMB) and the Centers of Technical and Industrial Scientific Culture (CCSTI) in Chambery (Eurêka Gallery) and Annecy (La Turbine Sciences) was renewed on Tuesday 7 June.

This agreement, which was concluded for three years, is part of the continuity of several years of cooperation relations between the USMB and the Centers for Technical and Industrial Scientific Culture in Savoie and Haute-Savoie. The initial partnership, signed in 2018, aims to promote knowledge of the general public about scientific and technological progress by enabling everyone to exchange contacts with the scientific community.

Specific events in 2022 and 2023 for the Eurêka Gallery

In Chambéry, this agreement resulted in specific partnerships in 2022, which will continue for three years:

– Participation of the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc in the Festival of Science: The Science Festival, organized by the Eurêka Gallery every October, mobilizes USMB laboratories that open their gates and / or take part in a mediation event,

– meetings and discussions with researchers (Entre midi & sciences, science cafés, etc.) to help inform citizens about societal discussions,

– the involvement of the Eureka Gallery in the “Researchers’ Night” on 30 September, which will take the form of mini-conferences for the general public around the scientist,

– or the participation of USMB researchers in the design of the future Eureka Gallery exhibition “Glaciers, a scientific adventure”, which will take place from 17 September and in the Eureka Gallery Permanent Space Retraining Scientific Council.

The USMB and the Eurêka Gallery, together with students and young researchers, also carry out awareness-raising events on popular science:

– the involvement of the Eureka Gallery in the preparation of doctoral students for the national competition “My work in 180 seconds”,

– interfering with the opportunities offered by science and the mountain UFR for the development of critical thinking,

– experimentation of a science café at the “My Teacher, This Researcher” University,

– recruitment of students to provide animations and workshops at Eurêka Gallery exhibitions.

A partnership that meets public expectations

Meetings offered by Eureka Gallery and the USMB are always a great success. Eureka Gallery, the first cultural place in Savoie in terms of the number of visitors – more than 70,000 per year – has a great reputation and, thanks to the quality of its exhibitions and the professionalism of its speakers, attracts more and more visitors. The Center for Scientific Culture of the city of Chambery responds to a strong democratic challenge by giving everyone access to knowledge and participation in scientific culture.

Photo description – From left to right: Samuel Dixneuf, delegate for heritage, art and history at Annecy City Hall, Philippe Galez, president of Savoie Mont-Blanc University, and Thierry Repentin, mayor of Chambery, during the signing of a partnership agreement between the university and two CCSTI on Tuesday 7 June.

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