ESITC Caen receives DD&RS label “Sustainable Improvement and Social Duty”

Jérôme Lebrun, Director of ESITC Caen

From the Editor, June 9, 2022.

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——————– ADVERTISING ——————–

Convinced that sustainable construction is a response to the challenges of ecological transition, ESITC Caen is committed to a voluntary approach in terms of ecological transition and social responsibility. The DD&RS brand “Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility”, which it has just acquired, is the next step in making ESITC Caen a committed expert that will help make the construction sector a social, economic and environmental solution.

The “DD&RS Label” was born in 2015 from the aspirations of universities and grandes écoles, the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE), the Conference of University Presidents (CPU), the Ministry responsible for sustainable development, the Ministry responsible for higher education and the Student Network for Ecological and United Society (RESES) to promote sustainable development and corporate social responsibility approaches of French universities and research institutions. “Since its inceptionESITC Caen has a useful and responsible vision for construction with close, strong and virtuous relationships with students, territories and companies. In the face of climate, demographic and technological challenges, a rapid transition in lifestyle and production must take place. explains Jérôme Lebrun, Director of ESITC Caen, ” ESITC Caen has the ambition to implement a movement that combines higher education and research with a desire to mobilize all stakeholders in the construction industry around this desire for influence. We have the ambition to make ESITC Caen a dedicated expert who will help make the construction sector a solution to social, economic and environmental challenges. ESITC Caen is part of a desire to improve its social and environmental impact in all school activities: governance, training, research, environmental management, social policy and territorial anchoring. ESITC Caen also promotes strict professional equality between women and men in terms of remuneration and promotion. The school participates in a series of events with Caen, Crous Normandie, Caen Normandy University, EM Normandie, Esam Caen / Cherbourg, ENSICAEN and the Campus Basse-Normandie Federation with the aim of “Acting together for the environment”. This collective approach aims to raise students’ awareness and increase efficiency sustainable development policies in academia. Another initiative, a mobility agreement signed with the municipal community in Caen la Mer on 14 February, addresses the travel habits of school staff and students to reduce the use of private cars in the context of home, work and professional travel by directing users to environmentally responsible means of transport.

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