candidates going through some main challenges for 5 years

4th constituency

Sylviane Lopez (RN) : “Launch a € 20 billion emergency health promotion plan. Stop bed closures in public hospitals and maternity hospitals. Renew 15,000 expelled carers, accept and increase carers’ salaries. »

Egoitz Urrutikoetxea (EH Bai) “In the last five years, the parliament has passed laws that are in complete conflict with current problems, namely climate deprivation, the social crisis and respect for individual freedoms. The continuation of President Macron’s policy announces a terrible social shock (retirement at age 65, growing inequalities) and an environmental shock (nuclear program, high-speed rail, etc.). EH Bai’s voice is a guarantee of representation in the service of the population regardless of the French parties. Our constituency must be represented and not sacrificed by decisions taken above ground. »

Paul Darnet (Animal Party) “We propose to take action against pandemics by reducing deforestation, trade and the use of wildlife. For example, by reducing the production and consumption of animal protein in France by 50% in five years. A ban on imports of products resulting from the destruction of primary forests, in particular soya and palm oil. By ending the import and export of wild animals. »

Annick Trounday (file) “Maintaining public services in general and health services in particular in our rural areas. It involves the continued deployment of France Services houses, which bring together all public authorities, which is made possible by the development of optical fibers in our territory; implementing health centers linking public and private doctors and maintaining emergencies at the hospital in Olorona, where I work with the government of Emmanuel Macron. »

Valérie Bouchardová (Animal Movement) exclusively formulates proposals on animal issues.

Iñaki Echaniz (Nupes) : “Introduce a package of immediate measures for a fairer society: raise the minimum wage to € 1,500, increase pensions and minimum old age, defrost the index point, deconjugate the disability allowance, guarantee retirement at the age of 60 with real consideration of hardship, against tax evasion, to invest 1 billion in combating violence against women, to ensure equal pay for women and men, to extend paternity leave. »

Julien Lassalle (Let’s stand up!)“Man. Responsibility, recognition and contract. Fund the study of young people who commit to working in the medical deserts for six years.”

Margaux Taillefer (Reconquest!) did not answer our questions.

5th constituency:

Benjamin Gil (Union for France) : “My priority, if elected, is above all to reconnect the population 5e constituency with democracy and participation. I will propose that we all decide on the votes I will hold, because the Member is the representative of the people before power. Therefore, I will organize a consultation on all the important topics in order to decide on the vote that will be mine, and that the citizens want to have confidence in their representatives. »

Sandra Pereira-Ostanel (Nupes) : “The 1958 constitution is inadequate for society 21.e century. Its monarchical character keeps citizens out of polling stations. However, lingering dissatisfaction only increases the authoritarian shift of successive governments, whatever they may be. The change of the republic means a rewriting of the rules governing coexistence and a re-enactment of the principle enshrined in Article 2 of the Constitution: “the rule of the people by the people and for the people”. »

Philippe Bardanouve (Work Fight) “It is capitalism that drives society insane and insane. Candidates on the left, right or extreme right compete for the management of capitalism, even though this system condemns us to exploitation, inequality, crisis and war. Voting for Lutte Ouvrière means confirming that this system must be overthrown. This is to confirm that the workers who run a society are able to run it much better than the great bourgeoisie blinded by the pursuit of profit! »Also LO candidates, Jacquelines Uhart (6e) a Carlos Ribeiro (4e) sent “Sud Ouest” the same answers.

Annick Pillot (Reconquest!) “My priority would be to support bills aimed at drastically reducing regular and irregular immigration, in particular by requiring asylum applications in countries of origin and increasing the material resources of security services and justice in order to restore security for all French people.”

Thibault Pathias (Volt) “Our four colors represent ecology (green), sustainable economy (blue), solidarity (red) and participatory democracy (yellow). Our candidates are committed to active civic democracy. We want to make a monthly deadline in each of the municipalities in the constituency. For a fairer pension, let’s take into account the complexity and number of quarters of the contribution. Flat – rate pension with 172 quarters (43 years). To take care of nursing staff as well as patients, to ensure intergenerational justice and a dignified life, integration of people on the run. »

Pascal Lesellier (National Rally) : “I propose to reduce VAT from 20% to 5.5% on energy products (fuel, gas, heating oil, electricity) and to abolish it for 100 basic products (food and hygiene). I support the hospital’s € 20 billion emergency plan. I am ending the closure of hospital beds and reintegrating the 15,000 carers expelled during the Covid pandemic. I am reducing bureaucracy (eliminating ADR). Through financial measures and regional planning policies, I encourage carers to settle in isolated areas of ‘medical deserts’.

Thomas Riché (Hope RIC) “We are proposing a radical change in our relationship with democracy. We want this system of representation, which restricts the citizen to the role of voter, to disappear, while giving elected representatives many privileges. We want direct democracy through a founding referendum on the citizens’ initiative. With this political right, the citizen would finally take his real place, the people could be truly sovereign by being both a force of proposal and opposition. We can decide what is good for us and review the measures in place. If elected officials and citizens had democratic means of cooperation in the general interest, we would not be here. The organized destruction of the public hospital and our health care system is the most glaring evidence of this. »

Mathilde Hary (Gulf EH) : “Return financial and human resources to public services so that they work and fulfill their fundamental role for all. Recruitment, salary and status increases are needed (hospital, social, education, post office, territorial services, home service for the elderly). Finance these measures with strong environmental taxation of climate destruction investments and taxation of dividends paid to the richest. »

Florence Lasserre (file) : “Protecting the French purchasing power will be our priority. Immediately after the opening of the parliamentary session, the anti-inflation law and the purchasing power will be studied so that the French can perceive the benefits of this summer: tariff extension, food control, pump discount, Macrona bonus tripling, inflation pension valorisation, public service index point thawing, reassessment of social benefits … “

Sylvie Roubin (Animal Movement) did not answer our questions. How Hélène Susbielle (Let’s stand up!).

6th constituency

Bertrand Soubelet (destination France) : “Put the company back at the center of concern by protecting our VSEs, SMEs and the EIT family, which are producers of wealth and employment, by reducing fees and taxes and exempting live broadcasting rights. »

Monique Becquer (RN) : “The referendum on the citizens’ initiative is important, but at present the situation in medicine is becoming dramatic: appointments 6 or 7 months later, huge overruns of fees and medicines at two speeds, destruction of the numerus clausus …”

Vincent Bru (file) : “Introduction of a food voucher, extension of the energy tariff and special-purpose fuel discount, Index of pensions according to inflation since the summer, minimum pension at the level of 1100 euros, support for energy savings in households in the reconstruction of 700,000 houses. »

Peio Dufau (EH Bai) : “Give back to the public services, which have been undermined for many years, the means to work by recruiting, raising salaries and statuses to ensure that they have a basic role for everyone (hospital, education, post offices, territorial services, support for the elderly and fragile). , etc.). Their role was emphasized during the pandemic, which was quickly forgotten and their situation became unsustainable. »

Philippe Jouvet (unmarked) : “Helping carers: enabling those who support dependent people (elderly or disabled) to relax. Build adapted facilities in the territory for the temporary accommodation of dependent people before returning home with carers and / or for the accommodation of carers with dependent people. Improve working conditions and remuneration of carers and support staff for medical staff. »

Mathis Tenneson (Living here): “Establishment of regular civic forums in order to reunite with voters who today feel excluded from political life. These forums will be a place for an exchange of views between citizens and their elected representatives in order to listen to and analyze the needs of citizens, justify the government’s actions and present the work done to the National Assembly. »

Fabrice-Sébastien Bach (Republicans) : “I will act for inclusion by giving real status to family carers who care for disabled children or dependent elderly people. I will support home care for our seniors and child care by doubling the tax bonus. I will actively advocate the revaluation of pensions to award a decent minimum pension under the Smic. I will raise the resource ceilings so that the middle class can enjoy more rights and benefits. »

Kévin Briolais (Animal Movement) did not give priority to the general theme mentioned here.

Tom Dubois-Robin (Nupes) : “For everyone’s daily life, here and elsewhere, increasing purchasing power means considering improving life in all its aspects: food, health, housing, leisure, culture. It also supports the economy. Our priority measures include a minimum wage of EUR 1,500, an increase in wages and pensions, a price freeze, including fuel, of EUR 1.40, the first cubic meter of water and the first kilowatt hours free of charge, a 100% health insurance from social security and retirement at age 60 years. »

Christiane Néel (Reconquest) : “For responsible and effective justice. Immigration control, systematic expulsion of all illegal immigrants and real false minors and convicted foreign perpetrators. Application of minimum fines. »

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