Brest. Who desires to hire a room to a scholar?

Plan for the beginning of the school year

The summer holidays have not yet begun and Parcoursup, the national platform for pre-registration in the first year of higher education in France, has barely begun when the start of the 2022 school year needs to be planned … Brest services student accommodation. It will be accompanied by an advertising campaign, especially posters, to encourage residents who have a room to accommodate the student. This offer complements the “classic” offers in student residences and rentals in the private sector.

Covid effect

Fear of the Covid cluster commits that individuals with accommodation have been reluctant to rent students a room in their accommodation for the past two years. Le Clous, the Local Center for Universities and Schools, which manages accommodation, meals, allocations and the administration of scholarships, has carried out accounts. Its director, Sophie Bon, believes this “Two hundred number of rooms rented to students in 2019”. Today is almost zero.

Source of income

When it comes to renting rooms in the city, it is necessary to adhere to standards as well as rental networks. For a room of about 10 to 12 m2, the monthly rent is € 150 per month; for a room with an area of ​​15 m2 can climb up to 170 €. The kitchen and bathroom are shared. In all cases, Le Clous accompanies both parties, takes care of the arranged lease, ensures the payment of rent thanks to specific mechanisms guaranteed by the state. A charter is drawn up that mentions “Possible visits and etiquette rules.” “In addition, common sense often prevails,” Emmanuelle Buord, director of Adil, the department’s housing information agency, emphasizes.

A poster from 2022 to encourage the people of Brest to rent a room in their house to a young student. | WESTERN FRANCE

Intergenerational solution

L’Ailes, the Iroise Association for Housing, Employment and Solidarity, will continue to promote its modular Tiss’âges system, which brings together young students and older people. “A solidarity-based rental formula of one hundred euros makes it possible to accommodate a young person who has difficulty finding accommodation with a senior, in exchange for small services, such as taking a dog.” details Yohann Calvez. Please note that this replaces domestic help. » A “friendly” formula of € 150 without compensation is planned. There are only four pairs. A facility that is hard to find its place for the lack of seniors.

Some numbers

The number of students in Brest is increasing: 23,000 in 2012; 28,016 in 2016 and almost 31,000 this year (projection). The rent represents 60% of the student’s budget. Le Clous manages 1,430 housing units. Residences in schools have 780 seats. Private apartments 550 places. New residences are being built in the private or social housing stock: 115 housing units in Harteloire (social housing stock, delivered at the end of the year), Dupuy de Lome (205 places); Rue Kervern (154 seats), Saint-Martin (170 seats). 52% of students are accommodated in a private house and 39% in a parent house.

Information for renting rooms for locals: 0 805 29 29 79 (toll free number).

Brest. Who wants to rent a room to a student?

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