Brest BS hopes to draw new college students by way of its AACSB accreditation

The Breton business school is trying to attract more students, develop distance learning and further promote its work-study programs.

If Brest BS is usually discreet, this year the business school wanted to celebrate obtaining its first international accreditation as it should be. Last July, the school, which will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2022, received the American AACSB brand, the oldest established that evaluates management programs. Very good news for this school. “It’s another benefit for Brest BS students. And this contributes to the attractiveness of the whole area »Hubert Bruzac, vice-president of the metropolis of Brest, confided.

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Brest School was born in 1962 under the name ESCA Brest. It was quickly renamed ESC Bretagne and Groupe ESC Bretagne Brest and then merged with the four main schools in 2012 to become France Business School (which was a quick failure). Finally, in 2016, Weidong Cloud Education Group, a leader in online education in China, joined the school board. That’s how it happened “The first Franco-Chinese school” countries, as Dai Shen, CEO of Brest BS, likes to remind us. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Bretagne Ouest still supports the school.

The campus is a 15-minute drive from the city center

This new accreditation will undoubtedly attract more students to its campus. Because if the campus, which is a 15-minute drive from the center of Brest, has a capacity for 1,000 to 1,200 students, only 550 study there in initial training. “Our goal for the next few years is to have 900 to 1,000 students on campus.”, hopes Dai Shen. It remains to attract mainly preparers. According to the latest Sigem ranking, only 15 of the 30 vacancies are filled.

Nevertheless, a small workforce has its advantages. This allowed Francesco (24) from Brest, who had just completed bac +5, to establish very strong relationships with his classmates and teachers. “We all know each other. We are kind of like a family.” For the attractiveness, the campus could also build on a small refreshment and some modifications, especially in the hallways of the floors.

More international students, especially Chinese

Another consequence of the school’s efforts: it has made a name for itself in education, especially in Asia. Brest BS has established quality partnerships in China. Thanks to agreements with Chinese universities in Beijing and Qingdao, the facility has another 4,000 students in China. A total of nine programs are offered on the Asian continent. “We are proud to be able to attract so many Chinese students to our school”, enjoying Dai Shen. However, there is no doubt that the school is considering opening the Brest BS campus in China, “for financial reasons”says Dai Shen. “We prefer to develop our partnerships. And we expect our AACSB accreditation to open up new international horizons for us. ”

The AACSB brand should undoubtedly speed up the company’s internationalization, as it is a guarantee of quality recognized worldwide. In addition, 50% of students this year are foreign students. “This is the first time we have so many international students. They come mainly from Morocco (160 at the beginning of the school year, editor’s note). Otherwise from Africa and China “, says Luc Pontet, Deputy Director responsible for programs and accreditations at Brest BS. But among them, especially the Chinese, many take distance courses.

The school bets (almost) everything on online education

Brest BS did not wait for Covid to bet on online teaching. The school has been awarded the 4Digital label by the Grandes Ecoles Conference (CGE), which recognizes the quality of their “blended learning” courses (hybrid, remote and personal). All further education at the school follows this model.

“Before I started school, I knew that I wanted to devote as much time as possible to work and study. So I chose Brest “Johanne, a third-year bachelor’s student at Brest BS

The obvious strategy when we know that Dai Shen, director of Brest BS, is also the general manager of Demos, an online training center, and senior vice president of Weidong Cloud Education (who owns the school), who is also a specialist in digital technology. education around the world. “We want to become leaders in digital education in France”says Jean-Baptiste Maurice, Director of Digital Transformation at Brest BS.

Strengthen the rotation even more

The Brest School also places great emphasis on work-study programs, which have always been its strong point since 1996. In Brest BS, it is possible to take a course on a work-study basis from the second year. A gift from heaven for 20-year-old Johanne, who is currently in her third year of her bachelor’s degree and works as a marketing and communications assistant at Laïta, a dairy cooperative in western France, in Plérine near Saint-Brieuc. “Before I started school, I knew that I wanted to devote as much time as possible to work and study. So I chose Brest “, assures. The same for his friend Francesca, who completed his M1 and then M2 alternately on the Jampi Glacier and then on the Telegram. “For work studies, I preferred Brest BS to Burgundy SB, Montpellier BS, Rennes SB and Excelia, which the school has mastered for so many years”, notes the student, originally, like Johanne, from Brittany. The school still claims that it is not working on acquiring other international brands, such as Equis. “We chose the AACSB because it seems to us to be the most prestigious”, designates the CEO of Brest BS. Everything has its time.

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