4 highschool college students from Hérault will be capable to use a non-public scholarship to check on the Grande Ecole

De l’Hérault aux Grandes Ecoles offers help to high school students in Héraulte who are in financial difficulties who want to integrate large schools or demanding courses. It provides them with a grant of EUR 6000 and support to facilitate their integration. The system will enter into force in early 2022.

Clémence Quinonero is Master 1 at Sciences Po Paris. In 2018, it set up the association ‘De l’Hérault aux Grandes Ecoles’ to combat self-censorship and equal opportunities in access to higher education. She grew up in Saint-Saturnin de Lucian in a farmer’s family.

“Sciences Po was not a matter of course for me, but I managed to implement my project. When I came to this sector in Paris, I realized that the hardest part was still waiting for me. I didn’t feel legitimate in this great school. I didn’t have codes and life was expensive. I was aware of the impact of the socio-geographical inequalities of my career and I wanted to help other young people » explains.

Therefore, for the first time this year, her association is offering a scholarship to deserving, motivated high school students from Hérault, who are facing financial difficulties and, just like her, want to enter the Grande Ecole. The association is launching this device on its Facebook page.

These prospective students will benefit from a grant of 6000 euros for 2 years (300 per month) and tutoring to support their integration into these challenging sectors. The young person will be able to rely on the support of the godfather or godmother in his practical and logistical steps, but also in his school career. He can rely on him even if he encounters mental difficulties to avoid falling away.

To receive this scholarship and this support, you must first register with one of the 8 partner high schools in Héraulte. Students could take a general course as well as a technology or vocational course.

You will need to attach your school file, justify your project and justify the difficulties in funding your studies, whether it is the cost of enrolling in school or covering day-to-day expenses in often expensive cities. It can be applied by any student, whether he is on a scholarship or not. This assistance can also be combined with state scholarships.

We put a few obstacles in order for the future student to get this scholarship. We want to be surprised by young people’s projects. Talents are also hidden above the average 18.

Clemence Quinonero

President of De l’Hérault aux Grandes Ecoles

The association regularly intervenes in secondary schools to raise young people’s awareness of higher education. She focused mainly on the senior lyceum of Joseph Vallot, where Clémence studied. The director supports this approach. “We have students who have potential but have financial problems and are sometimes isolated. They need additional leverage to encourage them, and it is very good that young people are talking to young people about success, but also about student life in general. This scholarship and this support can help some of them. “ Vincent Valette, principal of Joseph Vallot High School

This scholarship is not just for students who want to take a course at a large school. They may want to enroll in Sciences Po, but also a film school or perfumery school, free Cours Florent courses or even study abroad. The main criterion is the selection at entry and the difficulty of the course to expectations.

The winners will be chosen by a jury. It consists of 3 members of the association, 3 business leaders, representatives of higher education, but also personalities with an atypical or inspiring background.

Shaïn Boumedine, for example, will be a member of the jury. This 25-year-old Fabrégois, who went through a high school orientation, is now an actor. He got the lead role in Abdellatif Kechich’s film Mektoub, my love. His view is complementary and interesting for us.

Clemence Quinonero

President of De l’Hérault aux Grandes Ecoles

This year, 4 young people will receive this grant and support. This system is financed by private partners (Credit Agricole du Languedoc, BNP Paribas and Hermès). Donations from individuals are also welcome and are tax exempt up to 66%.

Young people can apply to the association until February 12. The winners will be announced in March.

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