Younger folks have fun the tip of main faculty on the run

SPORT. The gray sky, raindrops and the morning wind on June 3 did not dampen the enthusiasm of about 1,800 sixth-graders from the Center de services scolaire des Navigateurs. They met at the GH Vermette Center in Saint-Agapit to attend the 33rd 4 km de la Santé.

After two years of absence due to COVID-19-related health rules, the event returned exactly where it took place in 2019.

For a teacher who met at the starting line, these races allow young people to achieve a performance they can be proud of. The last to arrive has the same merit as the first, because he also completed the course despite the difficulties he encountered.

Damien Thuillier, a physical education teacher at the École de La Source in Laurier-Station, agrees. “It is a non-competitive event. Everyone goes at their own pace. The goal is to complete the individual challenge. Each student has their own challenge. They were obviously very excited. For many, it was a premiere. It’s a great event. “

4 km de la santé takes place as part of the Month of Physical Activity. Mr Thuillier explains that the whole training provides an introduction to healthy lifestyle habits.

“Students have prepared a training book from the organizing committee. They have to adhere to it strictly. They train themselves to be ready for race day. Obviously, we follow them a bit at school, we take a two-three-kilometer test beforehand. We look at the principles of training, the things that need to be respected, diet.

fast runners

The weather was gloomy when the young men reached the starting line. Some, even believing that the race had begun, began to run. The lack of sun and the cold weather provided young people with favorable conditions for these short distances.

The only downside to this picture was the showers, but Mother Nature did her part. Although the start was given in light rain, the sky quickly stopped flooding the young riders.

And they were very fast. It took the first two boys less than 14 minutes to complete the test. The applause of teachers and parents in the last meters charged with the energy of the Notre-Dame-d’Etchemin and Étoile school students, who came a few seconds apart. As for the fastest girl, a student from the École du Ruisseau, she reached the finish line in less than 16 minutes.

“It really was fun. Such races with so many people do [c’est la première fois]. What I liked most was the ending, where everyone stood up to finish the race, “said Zach Matte, a student at the École de La Source in Laurier-Station.

It is also an important event for young people, ending one chapter of their student life. “It affects the sixth year. They are leaving primary school. For them, it’s the pinnacle of something. It’s a great party, “concluded Mr. Thuillier.

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