Working at Corsican College: the street to excellence and the gateway to employment

Work-study training at the University of Corsica Pascal Paoli: a mutually beneficial education system in the service of employability, student success and economic development of the territory.

Founded in 2009, the University Apprenticeship Center (CFA) in the Corsica region is a system anchored in its territory at the service of its development. In 13 years, 4,000 work students have chosen this path.

Working at CFA Univ in the Corsica region

Work-study is a real gateway to employment and enables progressive and qualitative professional integration into the labor market. These are forty training courses from the University of Corsica from BAC + 3 (GOAL or Professional License), BAC +4 and BAC +5 (Masters) in extremely diverse sectors of activity: agri-food, audio-vision, banking, trade, communication. , accounting, community law, renewable energies, business, environment, construction, real estate, IT, tourism, marketing…

All sectors of the island’s activities are represented thanks to a range of training courses designed according to the economic needs of the island. Students can choose whether to carry out their work-study program in the company, but also in associations or local authorities.

Benefits of working at the University of Corsica

Students who opt for a work-study course at CFA UNIV in the Corsica region complete a classic university course and training in their reference company. Within the framework of an apprenticeship or professionalization contract, the student thus benefits from individualized training, which is doubly controlled by the training center and the professional host structure.

The growing success of this course of excellence and this gateway to employment is evidenced by several figures: “95% of work students will receive a diploma, 71% of senior students will promote 80% of outgoing work students have the security of professional integration in connection with their final studies, ”emphasizes Christophe Storaï, Director of CFA Universitaire in the Corsica region.

“The work-study program enables our students to get closer to life in the company, its demands, but also business. Since the launch of the work program at Pascal Paoli University in Corsica, 5 to 10% of our outgoing work students have set up their own business each year! ”

Working at the University of Corsica: tripartite cooperation

CFA Univ in the Corsica region embodies a unique partnership between the University of Corsica, companies, the state and the Corsican community. This close collaboration allows students to develop their professional skills in a specific way and host companies to train tomorrow’s staff and entrepreneurs.

CFA Univ in the Corsica region is also a means of structuring island businesses by creating an effective circle between all stakeholders: acquiring skills for students, business sustainability and the economic development of Corsica.


Financial assistance

“CFA Univ in the Corsica region wants to support access to work and study programs by providing financial compensation,” explains Christophe Storaï. “We are aware of the extent of our territory and we want to support the economic development of the island as a whole. A student who finds an employment contract or apprenticeship contract tens of kilometers from the university will be able to use the transport allowance due to the distance of the university from the host structure and the housing allowance if he has to find accommodation next to his university residence, “continues CFA UNIV Director.

Every year, CFA Univ in the Corsica region provides almost 300,000 euros of financial assistance to work students to support their geographical mobility.

A word at the end

The work-study programs at the university, the path to excellence and the gateway to employment, combine the best aspects of both worlds. On the university side: theoretical knowledge and qualitative courses. On the business side: supervised professional course and progressive professional integration in order to prepare students for the world of work. Get started!

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