Uncommon. 1300 km by bike for Danièle and Amanda, who related Sherbrooke (Quebec) with Montpellier

Danièle and Armand drove 1,300 km (without electrical assistance) and completed the Tour de France on Tuesday night in front of Montpellier City Hall. (© GM / Metropolitan)

Of them Quebec cyclists traveled 1300 km on a bicycle from the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec Montpellier and conclude its “Tour de France Polytech”. Three weeks in the saddle from Paris, then Orleans, Tours, Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon, Marseille and Montpellier: from 18 May to 7 June 2022, two teachers from the University of Sherbrooke, Daniele Normandin (45 years) a Armand Soldera (57 years old), has completed this incredible journey.

Two cyclists deserve all the more that they went “on the calf force, without electrical assistance”, they admit modestly, even omitting the weight of the bags: “We did stages 90 to 100 km every day. and even a 122 km peak, ”says Armand, a Frenchman who has lived in Sherbrooke for 20 years.

“I appreciated the richness and diversity of the French country … But I was most impressed by the welcome.”

Daniele NormandinUniversity of Sherbrooke

“It was a very nice trip. You see things from a different angle on the bike, and especially the progress that has been made in cycling, although much remains to be done, “comments the cyclist, who does not hide his joy:” During these three weeks, I have rediscovered, sometimes with great emotions, my homeland. . »

A beautiful odyssey around France

To prepare for the event, Armand trained intensively for 3 months under the guidance of sports coaches from the University of Sherbrooke, who had never ridden a bicycle. Danièle, an authentic Quebec woman, has already practiced the Little Queen. He admits that he is in great shape, reinforced by this magnificent odyssey across France.

“I appreciated the richness and diversity of the French country … But what impressed me the most was the reception,” he said. It’s a very beautiful memory. »

A group of about fifty cyclists escorted two passengers to Montpellier
A group of about fifty cyclists escorted two passengers to Montpellier (© GM / Metropolitan)

For Montpellier-Sherbrooke collaboration

Through this near-initiation trip, two teachers wanted to pay tribute to the ties that unite the universities of Montpellier and Sherbrooke, two cities officially linked since June 2013, although the first friendship and cooperation agreements between the two cities date back to 2006. Exactly every two years, three universities involved in the strategic partnership have their university scientific meetings.

This year Montpellier organizes 8th year of this event (8-10 June 2022), which aims to strengthen and develop Franco-Quebec research and training projects. The triumphant arrival of Quebec cyclists in front of the Hôtel de Ville on Tuesday evening, accompanied – of course on bicycles – by an impressive peloton composed of teachers from Montpellier and members of the Quebec delegation, clearly does not mean the end of the journey. but the continuation of a common scientific adventure …

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Polytech Tour de France to promote international mobility

During this 1,300 km trip across France, Danièle and Armand were able to count on the Polytech national network, which is based on 15 engineering schools and 5 associated schools in France. The two cyclists were hosted by locals and were able to enjoy the company of cyclists invited by various Polytech schools who rode parts of the route with them. “We would like to thank Professor Eric Anglaret of the University of Montpellier 2, who organized the logistics of our trip,” said Danièle and Armand. Polyetch wanted to highlight the Polytech Green Scholarship and encourage French students to join Sherbrooke: “Polytech Green is an international mobility scholarship … This program is part of a proactive approach to sustainable development and social responsibility,” Armand recalls: “In Sherbrooke, we are looking for students specializing in these fields, the strengths of the universities of Montpellier ”. Future students from Montpellier, who are tempted by a trip to the “beautiful province”, should not be afraid: they will not have to go to Sherbrooke by bike.


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