The younger Bécancourois will play soccer for a college in Tennessee

BECANCOUR. Sixteen-year-old Nathan Brisebois will soon leave Saint-Grégoire’s family nest to live his dream in Tennessee. What awaits him there? Studied at the prestigious Webb School, as well as a place of choice in the football team of the school in which Nathan will develop as a quarterback.

“There are very few Quebecs who have the opportunity to study and play football in the United States, and even less so as a defender. He is the first player from the south coast to take a step. He has a real talent that has enchanted American coaches! explains Martin Brisebois, Nathan’s father. In fact, Webb School offered Nathan the largest scholarship the facility had ever offered to help him pay his tuition.

Nathan’s efforts began in the fall of 2021. After watching Nathan’s videos working in the field, five schools said they were ready to welcome the young athlete to their ranks.

Since then, he has worked harder than ever to increase his academic performance, interviewed a number of trainers and schools, and passed important exams such as SSAT (High School Admission Test) and TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language).

Nathan Brisebois was accepted not only on the basis of his academic performance or his athletic performance, but also, among other things, for his values ​​and leadership. “I’m very proud of him,” said Martin Brisebois. The best part is that it motivates him to study and he is very mature in a short time! »

“Yes, I go there for football, but I also go there to study a lot. I think the ability to speak several languages ​​is a huge benefit in life, ”says Nathan.

Although we can say that Nathan’s dream will soon come true, not everything is won for the young Bécancourois. “It’s rewarding, but they have expectations. On the court and in the classroom, they expect me to be a leader, to push others to work, to be a good student and a good player. I have to bring something positive to the team and reap the victories, “explains the football player.

This is the mandate that Nathan is waiting for the next three years, during which she will be able to complete high school, but also the equivalent of two years of CEGEP. His ambition is to eventually obtain a scholarship so that he can continue his studies at an American university and, if the stars agree with Nathan, play football on a professional team. “But we do it step by step! He says with a laugh.

His departure to Tennessee is scheduled for mid-July. However, Nathan had the opportunity to enter the small town of Bell Buckle. “During the spring holidays, I visited the school and I already get along very well with the players and coaches! he says.

“It excites me a lot and I can’t wait to experience my experience! But I also have to stay focus in my studio and in my football and that I continue to perform well, ”adds Nathan as proof that this new adventure does not take lightly.

Efforts rewarded

Nathan Brisebois has always been a great athlete. Volleyball, judo, basketball, water sports … However, the young Bécancourois chose football, a sport he first experienced at the age of 7-8 when he attended the Beauséjour school in Bécancoure.

“I think football is a great school of life. In team sports, teammates become your family. You are always here to help them. Even in football, you need all 12 players on the field to succeed, because if there is one who does not do his job, then nothing will work! “, please.

Nathan considers himself a positive leader and that is his strength as a quarterback. “I did quite well in all positions, especially in primary school, but I like to control the game! “, He admits. Apparently it works well, because his talent has been recognized beyond the Canadian borders.

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