The federal government’s immersion within the Elbe: the Minister of Larger Training applauded at Hafia College

As part of the government’s immersion, the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation (MERSI) Dr. Diaka Sidibé reports at the Hafia University, located 18 km south of the capital of Labé prefecture, where she has received a standing ovation from students heavily mobilized to welcome her to the amphitheater, according to a correspondent in Central Guinea.

On Monday, June 6, 2022, the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation Dr. Diaka Sidibé began her working stay in Hafia by running a written test at the College of Sub-Prefecture, where there is an entrance assessment center. exam in 7th Year, session 2022.

Dr. Diaka Sidibé, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation (MERSI)
Applicants for the entrance exam of the 7th year in Hafia Labé

“Now we want national exams that are transparent and clear, without ambiguity in the transition from one class to another, because the education system must be qualified. And it starts with everyone in the system: students, teachers and us as offices, “she said, asking supervisors to be consistent and strict.

On the same day, she led a series of her office via videoconference from the Rector’s Office at Hafia University, and then visited classrooms, one of which held business training for the benefit of young people. This series of visits also led the head of the department to the microbiology laboratory, the infirmary, the FABLAB plastics production center and the photovoltaic laboratory.

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It was in the festive atmosphere that the massively mobilized students welcomed the arrival of the minister in charge of the amphitheater.

“Really, I’m very honored. You don’t know how much. Last February I was in the same room. And you and I will remember that the atmosphere wasn’t like that because there were problems at the University of the Elbe. There were disagreements at the University of the Elbe. “I am very honored to see you applaud your new leaders today. This indicates the sincerity, but above all the choice of the head of state, Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, who focused on these men today. I am very flattered,” she said with great emotion.

View of the amphitheater of Hafia University in the Elbe

Speaking of the reasons for his presence in the Elbe, Dr. Diaka Sidibé recalled that the caretaker government had been immersed in a deep country for several weeks at the behest of the head of state.

“This initiative is based on the will of the head of state so that all members of the government understand and learn the conditions in which our decentralized services are located in the regions of the country. In the context of higher education, scientific research and innovation, these are our university campuses, these are our research centers. From Nzérékorá to Kankan and today to the Elbe, we were able to visit all the institutions of higher education and scientific research under my department. And this week we will be in the Elbe region. And what a better institution than the Elbe University to kick-start my activities. The reason I’m in your premises since morning. With the Rectorate, we had the opportunity to cross your educational and scientific facilities. I wanted to personally, because the last time I was here, we made recommendations. It is true that the Secretary-General was only alone at the time, everyone else was retired. However, I am aware that the report has indeed passed. Instead of thanking him and congratulating him on the current management of the University of the Elbe, “she explained.

Minister and Rector of the University of the Elbe, Dr Mohamed Chérif Sow

After expanding the basic reason for staying on the university campus in Hafia, she took the opportunity to greet members of the government and heads of state before announcing the great prospects.

“Today, Prime Minister Mohamed Béavogui has entrusted the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation with a mission that we have nevertheless paved the way for. We want to clean a lot of roads, a lot of buildings. The challenges are huge for the higher education system. But believe me, we will not promise us anything, we do not have magic wands, we have the will, we have the determination and I am convinced that with this team we will give ourselves the means to qualify for higher education. system, ”she assured convincingly.

To achieve this ambitious and noble goal, its department focuses its efforts on 4 basic areas.

“We have a management aspect. How to manage our institutions, how to manage our actions through our educational and research institutions. We have a higher education reform that is a big problem in our system. How to qualify the system? How to qualify training, training problems? Last January, you watched the university consultation days with great interest. This has enabled us, as the new leaders of higher education, to lay the foundations for structural and structural reform of higher education. At the level of higher education, we have still started what is called an audit of educational programs, because we no longer want to train the unemployed. We want to be educated so that a student qualifies for a job after leaving university or can go with projects to start a company. This is our vision and this is our desire to qualify our higher education system, “she insisted.

The issue of supporting scientific research would also not be left behind.

Minister with a microscope in the microbiology laboratory of the University of Hafia in the Elbe

“I’m so happy to see Tech Hub, a range that the Tech Hub of the University of the Elbe is moving forward. Last week, over the weekend, I was at IST, Mamou University. I was still proud to be Minister of Supervision today and to see the dynamism of higher education institutions in research and innovation. You can do it. That is now possible in our institutions, “she said.

There is another aspect of her results that she considers important. It’s about cooperation.

“It still reassures me in many ways because the school principals we have today have understood the department’s desire to open up to interuniversity cooperation. This means between higher education institutions in Guinea, then between higher education institutions and neighboring countries. And also internationally. That is why your rector has signed cooperation agreements with Gamal Abdel Nasser University in Conakry, but also with the Higher Institute of Technology in Mamou, because we can move on together. We have the determination and we will win the bet together, “she concluded her long presentation about what her department is doing.

The Rector of Hafia University in the Elbe, Dr. Mohamed Chérif Sow, visibly pleased with this dive, explained that the visit of his head of the department is an incredible opportunity to point out what we are trying to accomplish under the initiative of Dr. Diaka Sidibe.

Dr. Mohamed Chérif Sow, Rector of Hafia University in the Elbe

“We are making a rejection of the department’s vision within the goals of revitalization, qualification and modernization of the department of higher education, scientific research and innovation. “It’s a lot of fun and satisfaction that we can demonstrate the vision we have here to match the vision of the department he runs today,” he said.

When Dr. Mohamed Chérif Sow addressed the question of what needs to be improved in the short, medium and long term, and began to rejoice at what had been done.

“Work, which has been suspended for several years, is now resuming with a dynamic and acceleration that has not been possible elsewhere in the context of public works. In a few weeks, the work is extremely advanced and some buildings could be available very soon. It’s very gratifying. We are very pleased, on behalf of all the staff and all the students of this university, to be able to benefit from these magnificent infrastructures, which we will now try to use appropriately and at the same time try a quality education. and also to modernize the university campus, “he added.

Today, the rector of the University of the Elbe is proud to remobilize all the employees of this university around work, around a joint project. It is really something that does not surprise me, because I have always believed that teaching is a profession, so teachers do not go there for anything other than to serve and prepare human resources that will try to help this country move forward. We have just completed the design of the foundation project, in which I saw a truly exemplary involvement of all employees in a mutual vision, joint planning and achievement of goals that are truly common, “he concluded.

This feeling of the rector of the Elbe University is widely shared by his students.

“It simply came to our notice then. To be clear, we did not expect it. For the simple reason that the buildings of the Elbe University, which were launched in 2015, were completely blocked. The classrooms were not enough for us. At the dormitories, the students suffered a lot. As the minister walked by, unpleasant footage of the boarding schools flew around the world. After his visit, work began again to change the situation. This work is really accelerated. Today, there are words that reassure us through the government’s plan, such as governance, reform, audit of educational programs, and national and international university cooperation. This is an important stage for our universities. The minister indicated that she was not up to the promise, but had a will with the government. Hope is here, “said management student Deni Camara.

Recall that the series of activities of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Innovation Dr. Diaka Sidibé continues at the University of the Elbe.

New infrastructures Hafia University in the Elbe

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