Studel awards 80 scholarships to African college students – Matin Libre

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The French startup Studely, which specializes in supporting foreign students in their visa process, presented its 2022 scholarship program to its students at the National School of Applied Economics (ENEAM) on Wednesday, March 2, through its subsidiary in Benin. This popularization activity was recorded by the massive presence of students, the ENEAM trade union office and Studela Benin employees.

Presentation of Studely’s services, benefits and the Studely Scholarship Program, Edition 2022. This is an offer of a public conference organized by Studely Benin, one of the 17 subsidiaries of an international company. The aim of this popularization activity is to present the second edition of the scholarship program in order to encourage students to apply massively.

In an introductory speech, Hubert Tomèga, Studely Benin’s digital marketing manager, spoke about the context and goals that motivated Studely’s scholarship initiative. According to him, this scholarship was born to support students and their parents in financing their studies in Europe. The increase in tuition fees in France and the already surrounding economic darkness and the worsening of COVID-19 are secondary reasons that justify this scholarship program, he added. This year, the number of winners is increasing from 30 to 80, with the sole aim of helping as many students as possible to carry out the study project and fulfill a certain wish of their parents, concluded Hubert Tomèga.

Studely Benin Yovo’s landscape manager Kokou Messan, who presented the program as a whole, first added that the enthusiasm observed during the previous year also motivated to increase the number of winners. Of the 80 scholarships in question, 50 will be selected to study in France – as opposed to 30 last year – and 30 in Germany. He continued his remarks and emphasized the selection and eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria are to be in the process of being admitted to a higher institution in France, to have a study period of at least 10 months and not to receive any other scholarship. As for the jury, the company’s representative in Benin stated that the jury would be independent as last year and would be composed of representatives of Campus France, influential members of student mobility in Europe and French diplomatic bodies. Returning to the selection criteria, file quality seems to take precedence. The socio-economic criteria, the student’s background and his motivation to study in Europe are fundamental elements of this quality of the file. Applications continue until May 30 at Each of the scholarships will receive 1,000 euros, or 80,000 euros for 80 scholarships awarded, he concluded.

It should be noted that since 2018 Studely has been supporting students on mobility to Europe. Fintech offers a blocked account service called AVI or an irrevocable transfer certificate, seeks students from the country of origin of accommodation in France and issues travel, health and home insurance.


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