simply create interactive workouts utilizing LearningApps?

During the school closure period at the beginning of the pandemic, quiz and online testing tools were recognized by the teaching world to allow for continuity of education.

Focus on one of them, LearningApps. A modest and discreet page, but one that has an effect.

LearningApps, kezako?

LearningApps is a German-Swiss platform for creating interactive content. In this way, teachers can create fun content that enriches educational sequences.

The description on the site introduces LearningApps as a 2.0 web application designed to support teaching and learning processes through exercises where users with an account can create applications.

The aim of the platform is to collect exercises of all concepts and make them accessible to all. For this reason, we have been told that modules (called applications or applications) do not fit into a specific framework or contain a specific learning scenario, and are therefore limited to the interactive part only. We also recommend integrating the modules into an activity or learning sequence.

The application has several advantages:

  • Registration is easy and completely free
  • No restrictions on resource creation
  • Ability to create one or more classes
  • Ability to manage classes without an email address for students
  • Ability to create “student” accounts
  • Providing a library of applications (applications) without registration, these are classified according to categories, media and levels
  • Achievements can be copied and edited with the original author automatically listed
  • Content is all in French (additional languages ​​available)
  • Loading on the platform is very fast
  • Creations can be shared in a variety of ways (embed code, share link, and QR code)
  • The content is responsive
  • Various modules (sorting by pair, axis order, MCQ, blank text filling, video with insertion, crossword puzzles, etc.)

Instructions that will accompany you in your first creations

The platform offers a guide on its home page explaining the main features of LearningApps.

Maxime Duquesnoy (EduLAB) has created a series of three video tutorials to allow those interested to discover the application and learn how to create exercises for their courses.


The first episode consists of teaching us how to easily create exercises on LearningApps so that you can quickly create e-learning exercises.


The second episode aims to show us how to customize an existing exercise in the app to suit our needs.


This last episode will allow us to understand how to share our exercises and performed applications.

EduLAB also offers a LearningApps training sheet in the Sway website format.

Some examples of applications


my zucchini life


World War I (1914-1918)



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