Schooling: Unnoh towards the ban on enrollment in seventh grade in any respect excessive faculties in Haiti

P-to-P, June 7, 2022 [AlterPresse] — The National Union of Normalists and Normalists Haiti (Unnoh) criticizes the unilateral decision of the Ministry of National Education and Training (Menfp) to ban 7th grade enrollment in all secondary schools, starting in academic year 2022-2023, according to information obtained online AlterPresse agency.

“We at Unnoh level think that there is no preparation yet for us to ban enrollment in the 7th grade of primary school,” Josué Mérilien, Unnoh’s national coordinator, estimates at a press conference on Monday, June 6, 2022.

Unnoh calls on the de facto Menfp holder Nesma Manigat to reconsider such a decision, which will harm the interests of parents, students, teachers as well as the education of the population.

Unnoh announces that it will inform about the further progress of its protest if Menfp does not reconsider its decision.

In a note dated Friday, June 3, 2022, Menfp announced a ban on registering students in secondary schools in the republic for 7th grade elementary classes from the 2022-2023 academic year.

“Classes 8th and 9th grade will continue during the academic year 2022-2023 with their cohorts in training, coming from 7th grade, without adding new external staff,” Menfp continued.

This decision comes mainly in the effort to separate management of primary and secondary schools in the republic and to complete the process of managing cohorts of students of public primary and secondary schools, as expected in in the context of Bernard’s 1982 reform, he points out.

“Some secondary schools contain several 7th grade primary classes … We would not have a problem with this decision if there were preparations and discussions with the actors … Every secondary school should have a complete, functional primary school, students who should go to high school. Otherwise, it is eliminating the possibility for children to find the bread of education, “says Unnoh.

The National Union of Normaliennes and the Normaliens of Haiti also call on Menfp to stop its expression of “dialogue, praise of the partnership between the ministry and other actors, including trade unions, as it takes its decisions without consultation.”

In this sense, Unnoh criticizes the ministry’s unilateral decision to adopt a single book in schools.

“We hear about the unique book on the radio. There has never been any debate with Nesmy Manigat and the teachers’ unions about this, “says Josué Mérilien.

According to Nesma Manigat, this unique book project at primary school level focuses on equality, social justice.

The de facto holder of the Ministry of Education thus organized a workshop on Thursday 26 May and Friday 27 May 2022, which brought together representatives of publishing houses, education experts and Menfp executives around the “Single Book”. [mj emb rc apr 07/06/2022 15:50]

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