Pap Ndiaye, the brand new Minister of Training, is dealing with the problem of recruiting academics

The position of the teacher in front of each class: this is a common exercise that education ministers deal with after school. The allocation of one million staff – including 800,000 teachers – to 12.5 million children and adolescents is a major challenge that equals every school, college and high school. And this is repeated every year every September.

But three months after D-Day, the situation inherited by Pap Ndiaye, just named Rue de Grenelle, is not common. In the memory of teachers’ unions, the recruitment crisis has never seemed so acute.

The alert was issued several times during the health crisis, when the institution multiplied telephone calls to contract staff – pensioners, students – without always finding volunteers. This has been echoed since the first results of the entrance tests for teachers’ competitions were announced in mid-May. Approximately 10,600 vacancies are to be filled at primary level and 13,690 at secondary level. But at this stage of recruitment (in other words, after the documents and before the phase of oral proceedings convened until July), the shortage of candidates is already alarming, because “fit” are sometimes smaller than the number of open positions.

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From “never seen”, we push into the central unions. A “exceptional and temporary situation”, are against the Ministry of Education. The reform of the competition, which started in the previous five-year period and which shifted the “mechanical effect on aquariums”We defend the general direction of school education, one of the main services of this ministry. We remain optimistic: “The decline of the candidates this year was written in advance, as well as their probable increase is written for next year’s meeting. ยป Have got.

No level is saved

In the meantime, we are organizing on earth. At the Academy in Versailles from Monday and before in Toulouse in Montpellier, the Rectorates are betting on “job listings” and temporary hiring to compensate “an error” professors who come. In some areas – including Ile-de-France – they can already be predicted more than in others. Moreover, in the so-called “deficit” disciplines – mathematics, French, German, “terrible trio”, as teachers say. But no level, from kindergarten to high school, seems to be spared today. “Participation in the first written tests of the school teachers’ competition has reached one of the lowest levels in history”noted May 10 SNUIpp-FSU, the majority union in the elementary school.

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