Orange opens free digital training facilities

As part of the fight against digital exclusion, the operator is launching a system called the Orange Digital Center by opening centers accessible free of charge to all. An original and commendable initiative that aims to train a wide audience in everyday digital tools.

After a glorious social gap, we have been witnessing digital exclusion for several years. Because with the digitization of society and the dematerialization of many services – including public – it is essential to be able to use a computer and smartphone to access the Internet, obtain information, entertain and perform all kinds of procedures and tasks, everyday activities. But not everyone is equal in the face of this forced march, which requires not only equipment but, above all, comfort with “new technologies”. According to the INSEE study, 17% of the French population therefore have difficulty using everyday digital tools. And the public affected by this digital divide is much more diverse than one might imagine: the elderly, the sick, the addicted or in a precarious situation, families in difficulty, young people in integration, jobseekers, the homeless … Many are even those who find it difficult to use a computer, telephone or online service. The problem is not new and there are already various facilities that will help people who need it to access digital content, especially in French public media libraries, which have dedicated spaces and staff. And in this spirit of “useful public service”, Orange is also announcing its Orange Digital Center program, which launched on June 7.

Orange Digital Center: digital training program

The operator has just opened 300 meters to launch the Orange Digital Center program2 furnished and modular premises in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, in Seine-Saint-Denis (93). The aim of this system is to promote digital inclusion throughout France. It is about helping people who are not very computer literate not to be handicapped and settled in an increasingly digital society. The Orange Digital Center therefore offers the public a wide selection of digital training formulas, completely free of charge. This program is available to everyone, regardless of age, profession, school level – and without having to be an Orange customer! The activities offered on the site are complemented by an online platform, where it is possible to consult the agenda of Orange Digital Center events throughout the territory, register for workshops or gain access to educational solutions.

The Orange Digital Center offers various workshops to discover digital tools, games to raise awareness of good digital use, FabLab spaces to experiment, produce and discover tomorrow’s jobs, as well as conferences and workshops to support women entrepreneurs in their business project. operator in its press release. All this works thanks to the voluntary mobilization of Orange employees.

Orange expects its program to benefit the whole of France. Fabienne Dulac, Deputy General Manager of Orange France, said:The launch of the Orange Digital Center is a source of immense pride for Orange France. It embodies and reinforces the commitment of the company and its employees, local actors, to making digital technologies accessible to all. The Orange Digital Center, both a place and a national program, is an example of close cooperation in all territories with local authorities and associations with the same goal: to combat digital exclusion.“More than a welcome initiative, especially since it is free and accessible to all.

Orange Digital Center: free centers everywhere and for everyone

This will not stop the Orange group. To make the system accessible to everyone, except Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, 11 other sites are currently running this program in France: Grenoble, Toulouse, Roubaix, Schiltigheim, Rennes, Mamoudzou (in Mayotte), Saint-Pierre (Reunion Island) and Fort-de-France (Martinique). Other sites will add to this list later. Nomadic or temporary partner facilities will help them.

Élizabeth Tchoungui, Executive Director of Corporate Social Responsibility in Orange, explains that this is the first step in a broader digital learning plan:The Orange Digital Center program embodies the Orange Group’s commitment to digital equality, which is at the heart of our Engage 2025 strategic plan. Orange Foundation.“This initiative is therefore part of the operator’s policy to strengthen its presence in the various regions, as evidenced in particular by the opening of its first Digital Center Club in Casablanca and its partnerships with the French football and rugby federation. – always with a view to raising young athletes’ awareness of digital best practices.

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