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In order to bring together and make available training in top fields and specialized techniques in physics, as well as those intended for companies, the Minister of Higher Education, p.yes Danielle McCann announced on June 7, along with the Minister of Transport, the Minister responsible for the Estria region and the MNA for Granby, Mr. François Bonnardel, the project to build the Desjardins Institute of Technology in Cégep de Granby and the first installment of $ 2.16 million to produce plans and specifications. In total, the project represents an investment planned by the Department of Higher Education for $ 13 million.

Construction of the Desjardin Institute of Technology, which is part of the Technum Québec Innovation Zone, located in Bromont, among other things, will meet the needs of the labor market in the rapidly evolving field of microelectronics, while providing companies with access to training. The building will house new laboratories and facilities supporting innovation and research with state-of-the-art equipment. Business services will also be offered under one roof, connecting activities with the region’s industrial sector. The establishment of the Institute of Technology will also be an opportunity to develop applied research activities in connection with physical engineering programs.

Note that a new building will be built between the main pavilion of Cégep and the church Virgin Marycompany assets City Granby.


“I am very pleased with this announcement of the start of construction work at the Cégep de Granby Institute of Technology. The availability of higher education is a priority for our government, and I am pleased to say that this adapted and modern facility will meet the needs of advanced disciplines and those that require specialized physical training. Involvement of Cégep de Granby in the deployment of the innovation zone Bromont and its role as a player in socio-economic development will be made possible by the Institute of Technology Desjardins z become a leader in your field. »

Danielle McCannMinister of Higher Education

“What good news for the Granby region and the surrounding area! I am pleased with the amount provided to build this new institute. Students will have access to specialized programs, as well as modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment. I am convinced that this center of knowledge and innovation will provide energy to the community and enable greater synergies between students, faculties and local industries. Together, they will be able to collaborate on a number of projects, each of which will be more exciting than the other. This is great news for young people in and around our region! »

François Bonnardel, Minister for Transport, Minister for the Estria Region and MNA for Granby

“With this new institute, we will meet some of the needs of the microelectronics market and support the development of a highly specialized workforce. When we launched the innovation zones, it was about creating synergies between the education community, the research community and industry, and that is exactly what is happening right now! »

Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister for the Economy and Innovation and Minister for Regional Economic Development

“The leverage effect of this project is clearly important for the development of our region. It will strengthen the dynamism and existing network between Cégep de Granby and the technology industry. We will also emphasize the importance of using the most modern educational spaces for our future students. »

Yvan O’ConnorCegep de Granby

  • It should be noted that the report of the Comité-conseil de l’université québécoise du futur contains a specific measure (5.3) proposing to support where companies, civil society, universities, technology transfer centers in higher education and other actors in scientific research work closely together on innovation. “
  • Note that it is the Ministry of Economy and Innovation that has been mandated by the government to lead the creation and deployment of Innovation Zones (WIs).
  • The government announced this in February Bromont will host one of the first two innovation zones in Quebec. $ 24.7 million will be invested in five projects, of which 19.5 million are entrusted to C2MI.
  • The Ministry of Higher Education, for its part, participated in the process of analysis, selection and determination of ZI. It should be borne in mind that all CIs must take into account the participation of higher education institutions in order to meet the requirements of the “knowledge” criterion, ie the project relies on the presence of research or educational institutions. (universities, colleges, research centers, university technology transfer centers) who are stakeholders in the project. The project proposes measures to develop and attract a skilled, creative and diversified workforce. A member of the analytical commission for each project is a ministry analyst appointed by the Deputy Minister of Higher Education.

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