“My letter to my French dad and mom”

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE – In an open letter addressed to the parents of the students, the candidate for the parliamentary elections and the leader of the Reconquête! Expresses its concern at the appointment of a new Minister for National Education and, more broadly, at the “destructive upbringing” imposed on children.

Party Leader Reconquête! Éric Zemmour is running in the parliamentary elections in the 4th district of Var.

At the end of the afternoon, your child will come home from school. You ask him what he learned during the day. And here’s what he says …

“I have learned that France is a racist, colonialist and Islamophobic country. It is a country once ruled by Catholic kings who were dictators. Fortunately, the Revolution cut off their heads. But since then, reactionaries and extremists have tried to prevent progress. I have learned that hunting, eating meat and all farming traditions must be banned to replace wind turbines. I have learned that prosperity is a bad thing and that you have to cancel a trade to save the planet. I learned that the rich are to blame. France is a country where bosses reduce their employees to slavery. I learned that Islam is as much a French religion as Christianity, and that it was the parents of immigrants who fought for France in 1914 and rebuilt it after 1945. I learned that the victims of men are women, all of whom are rapists. I’ve also learned that I can change sex if I want to, because you’re not born a girl or a boy.

You know I’m barely exaggerating, unfortunately! The child I describe to you is sometimes your child. He believes in all this madness since left-wing ideologues took power in national education thirty years ago. He will believe even more by appointing Papa Ndiaye as Minister of National Education.

The left wants your children to be left-wing militants, even extreme left-wing militants, anti-racist militants, immigrants, radical environmentalists, gender fluid and fiercely anti-French.

Eric Zemmour

Let’s be clear: the child, the real thing, is apolitical. Thankfully he deals with children’s issues and leaves big debates to adults. But this child, yours, does not want the left. He wants politicized, robotic, fanatized children, petty revolutionaries as in all totalitarian regimes, brainwashed with ideology, pessimistic, vengeful children, ready to condemn their parents if they do not submit to compulsory thinking. The left wants your children to be left-wing activists, even extreme left-wing activists, anti-racist activists, immigrants, radical environmentalists, gender fluid and furiously anti-French. If your children become all of them, they will no longer be your children and they will no longer be children.

Countless parents of students tell me about their concerns about the destructive learning they have imposed on their children. This destructive upbringing does not only take place without your knowledge: it also unfolds in opposition to your whole family, because the left hates traditional ties and, above all, it hates the deepest, most beautiful, most important for all: parental and filial union. So it is both against your child, against you, and against the relationships that unite you, that he is waging a ruthless struggle. The political class leaves it at that. What’s worse: for the most part, it applauds and supports this indoctrination of what’s most dear to you, the pupil of your eye, the body of your body, your reason for life, work and hope: your children. By attacking their souls, they are attacking yours.

Today, the two architects of this large-scale demolition are Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Emmanuel Macron. The first one rushes, he wants to destroy everything. The second is a little more patient, he deconstructs. However, they both use the same technique: lobotomizing French childhood. The appointment of Papa Ndiaye as Minister of National Education is terrible proof of this. This ideologist will not make any concessions to your thoughts, your personal and national history. It will put a huge dose of leftist delusions into your children. And don’t think that you can easily block this scandal: children spend much more time with their teachers than with their parents during their schooling. Psychological, cultural and anthropological damage can be irreparable. You must not allow that. You must not allow this. Reject en bloc, without the slightest negotiation, without taking a step back for your descendants to descend into these hells.

How to do it? How to defend yourself? How to stand up and stand firm in the face of this tsunami of lies disguised as knowledge? If I am elected, my first bill will aim to ban access to our schools by these ideologues. So vote for the truth. Vote for yourself and your children. The 550 recapture candidates are the only ones fighting on your behalf in this battle in this election campaign and soon in the Assembly. You can count on our independence of mind, our impudence, anger, and the hope that we will convey your demand for respect out loud and clear. We will personify your fighting spirit. We will be your children’s lawyers. During the five years of our mandate, we will be at the forefront of freeing your sons and daughters from the clutches of the left.

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