Minibudget Girard | Bonuses and scholarships to fight labor shortages

(Quebec) A generous student scholarship program, retirement bonuses, retention programs: Quebec is doing everything it can to reduce labor shortages in health, education, childcare and in the three “strategic sectors”, engineering, information technology and construction.

Updated November 25, 2021

Charles Lecavalier

Charles Lecavalier

“We cannot do everything. As a government, it is important to make decisions. And we have selected basic services and strategic sectors, “explained Finance Minister Eric Girard on Thursday during the presentation of his mini-budget.

The Legault government therefore wants to retrain and attract nearly 170,000 workers to these key locations with a plan of 2.9 billion over five years.

In numbers

  • 27,000 people in health and social services
  • 8000 in education
  • 25,000 in childcare education services
  • 55,000 in engineering and information technology
  • 55,000 under construction

Some of these positions are expected to be filled by 22,000 immigrants. The rest wants to train students, retrain workers and attract retirees or people who are not currently in the labor market.

Are you at CEGEP or at a university in the field of engineering, information technology or, for example, nursing? The state of Quebec will give you thousands of dollars in scholarships to encourage you to complete your studies. It plans to invest 1.7 billion in measures “paid to students enrolled in programs related to target professions”.

Students will be able to earn up to $ 9,000 for college technical training and students $ 15,000 for university for a three-year program or $ 20,000 for a four-year program, with Quebec’s lowest tuition fees in the country. Minister Girard.

All CEGEP students, even those who have already started training, will be eligible for this scholarship from the fall semester 2022 at the university. A full list of Quebec’s programs will be announced later, as well as details of the program. However, it is already ensured that students who do not complete the training will not have to return the amounts already paid.

Wage bonus for pensioners

This is not the only measure to combat labor shortages. Quebec will set up a temporary salary premium for retirees of certain professions in the public sector in the amount of 60 mil. In short, Quebec will give them directly the amount of money they normally make into a regular employee’s pension fund. This is an annual bonus of almost $ 3,000 for retirees with an income of $ 40,000.

Quebec focuses on nursing staff, recipients, psychologists, social workers, primary and secondary school teachers and special education technicians.

It also adds $ 1 billion over five years to increase the healthcare workforce. This includes hiring thousands of administrative staff to free physicians from administrative tasks that prevent them from providing direct patient care. It adds 550 million to education, while measures to maintain the workforce have not yet been described in detail.

Quebec also plans to invest $ 1.1 billion to help the engineering and information technology sectors. This includes the recruitment of 500 professors in these top sectors, as well as assistance programs for companies that, for example, will be able to recruit staff who are still studying. Quebec wants to “support companies that are struggling with recruitment by adapting study programs and allowing employees employed in the participating companies to receive training when part of the study program takes place in the workplace through internships,” the document said.

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