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Questionnaire 94 Citizens of the parliamentary elections 2022
128 candidates are running in 11 Val-de-Marne constituencies on 12 June. 94 Citizens invites everyone to answer a number of questions in order to compare the priorities of the candidates. The answers are published as they appear.
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What are, very briefly, 5 questions that you consider a priority in your ride and what commitments can you make to defend them in the event of an election?

How does the National Assembly work? 577 locally elected deputies, who, however, form the law for everyone
Together with the Senate, the National Assembly is one of two elected chambers that make up the parliament responsible for passing laws. These laws are either proposed by the government before they are discussed and voted in parliament, or they are proposed by the deputies themselves.
The Assembly has 577 deputies elected by direct universal suffrage in the legislature. For example, Val-de-Marne has 11 constituencies. Thus, deputies are elected locally even if they then work on drafting the law from a national point of view.

1 ° housing
Gain an obligation for social landlords (private and public) to maintain and renovate their rental fund.

2 ° Gallop concreting
Stop the crazy thickening and its inconveniences in our already highly urbanized cities.

3 ° Education
Advocate the development of diversified educational paths so that ALL children entering the 6th grade are equipped with the same basic knowledge.

4 ° Security, courtesy
Support the deployment of video protection in public areas throughout the 9th district,
Gain more resources to fight violence and callousness and to help victims.

5 ° Health and access to healthcare
Promote the networking of all health professionals in our district

Who is Michele Bonhomme-Afflatet?
Dental surgeon, married 1 child. He has lived in Vitry since 1985. He is involved in associations for the sick and children, a representative of the region in secondary schools, and since 2014 he has been involved in civic and political life. Candidate for the canton of Vitry in the 2015 departmental elections and for the de Vitry / Alfortville constituency in the parliamentary elections in 2020 and today.
Age : 67 years
Occupation : oral surgeon
Electoral offices, current or past : none
Substitute : Dr Jérôme Aubertin, General Practitioner, Member of the Opposition Vitry-sur-Seine City Council

What are the proposals of your political movement’s program, in short, the five proposals that seem to you to be a priority? Can you bring in any personal nuances that could be subject to amendment?

1 ° Education
Promote so-called front lines professions through better pay and prioritize their access to housing close to their workplace.

2 ° Social
Reassess pensions and reindex them according to inflation. Guarantee a return to the affected children.

3 ° Finance
Reduce public spending.

4 ° Major projects
Set costs and create a schedule for all projects launched by the state.

5 ° Ecology
Fight against ecology, partisan, political and authoritarian.

Every decision must take into account the difficulties it creates in the lives of the French.

Which commission would you like to sit on?
Cultural affairs and education

How does the National Assembly work? commissions
The National Assembly relies on the thematic standing committees on which all members are divided to work on all matters. They therefore meet in committee to work on the texts before defending them in the Chamber. There are currently 8 standing committees: Culture and Education, Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Social Affairs, State Defense and Armed Forces, Sustainable Development and Regional Planning, Finance and Law. In each committee, the political groups have a number of seats proportional to their number. The remaining seats are allocated to unregistered elected representatives. The Member is therefore not sure that he will sit on the commission of his choice.

If there was only one item that you could wear during your term? Which would it be and how would you defend it?

I would advocate an educational minimum wage for our children: we must provide our children with “the minimum necessary knowledge base”. Not all students progress at the same pace. Some children need transitional stages of their school careers. In primary school, I propose the creation of intermediate classes for students who have split between two grades


How do you intend to inform the citizens of your constituency about your parliamentary procedure and take their reactions into account?
I will request a dedicated information space on various means of municipal communication for information and reporting.
At the hearing, I suggest holding a standstill and providing a “book of proposals” on the Internet.

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