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The massive efforts mentioned by the President of the Republic require considerable investment, but above all investment with proven effectiveness. Because indoor air quality, a major public health problem revealed by a pandemichas developed a number of untested and completely ineffective solutions, especially against nanometer-sized particles such as viruses, including coronaviruses.

After the first test of KillViD technologyTM team of researchers from the schoolwith Bane Saint-Etienne, the contribution of microbiologists from Jean Monnet University enabled Gamma Pulse to validate his first complete “real-life” demonstration prototype. KillViDTM which is based on pulsed plasma technology, is stand-alone, simple and without any danger to people in a room whose performance has been determined in rooms continuously contaminated with bacteria and viruses. The results are clear: KillViDTM decontaminates indoor air with exceptional efficiency never before seen.

The first test, carried out by the Mines Saint Etienne / INSERM unit, among a few researchers working in Europe with aerosol viruses, has proved that the technology KillViDTM has an intrinsic virucidal efficiency of 99.9999% (LOG 6). The experiment consisted of injections, directly upon entering the air decontamination system one million viruses per aerosol. Results: no live virus on exit » explain it Dr. Carmen Dumitrescu, founder and president of Gamma Pulse.

KilllViD ™ certified by the Mines Saint-Étienne Engineering and Health Center and the EVS-Isthme Laboratory (Environment City Society – Jean Monnet University / CNRS)

The Saint-Étienne Mining Engineering and Health Center is a research center specializing in aerosol metrology (including bacterial and viral bioaerosols) and particle inhalation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this laboratory was developed with the GIMAP laboratory team (CIRI – INSERM / CNRS / ENS de Lyon / Lyon 1) from the University of Jean Monnet rare scientific expertise to assess the effectiveness of masks for medical use and the virucidal activity of air purifiers. Pre gamma pulse, In collaboration with a team of microbiologists from the EVS-Isthme Laboratory (Jean Monnet University / CNRS), these researchers performed two phases of tests in “real life” conditions:

  • “Viral” disinfection tests (indoors 12 m3 which is constantly contaminated with a viral aerosol)
  • Bacterial disinfection tests (in the office 46 m3 in the living laboratory #MedTechLab using bacterial flora naturally present in the air)

Virus test results

It should be emphasized that we are not talking about the internal efficiency of the system, which is close to 100% (99.9999% or more than LOG 6 in the professional language according to previous tests), but about the capacity of the KillViD system.TM to reduce the viral load in the air of the enclosure to which viral aerosols are added non-stop in a very short time.

We have developed a protocol to collect approximately 104 virus particles from bioaerosols generated over 10 minutes at two sampling points in a ventilated enclosure of 12 m3. The results show a virucidal activity of almost 2 LOG under these very difficult conditions after only 10 minutes of air purifier operation (with operation of decontamination technology when spraying viruses) » continues Jérémie Pourchez, Director of Research at the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne – SAINBIOSE Laboratory (Inserm-UJM-Ecole des mines). Having a result of practically 2 LOG virucides in a fairly large volume of 12 m3in which aerosolized viruses are continuously produced is, to the best of my knowledge, unpublished in France, seee internationally. We’re in it yesThese are the most severe conditions we have been able to simulate, and yet we have a reduction in viral load of almost 98%. These are excellent results »

Bacterial test results

The experiment was carried out in an office with a volume of 46 m3. Several people occupied this office without a veil, even with the presence of a dog, to ensure a high level of bacterial flora in the air before the start of bacterial decontamination measurements. After measuring the number of bacteria originally present in the room air, the KillViD ™ system is started. This demonstration prototype has an air conditioning capacity of 100 m3 per hour (therefore low compared to the capacity of a commercial prototype under construction, which will be tested in St Etienne around September 2022).

The results given above are on a logarithmic scale
We measure more than 1000 CFU / m before starting the treatment plant3 (corresponds to 1,000 cultivable bacteria detected per cubic meter of air)
T1 (after 10 minutes of KillViD operation) – found less than 100 CFU / m3 in the air
T2, T3 and T4 (after 20, 30 and 40 minutes of operation KillViD ™) – stabilization of the bacterial flora present in the air at a very low level of 10 CFU / m3.

We have developed a protocol to collect approximately 103 CFU / m3 in the office 46 m3. Our results in 30 minutes of technology operation KillViD ™ demonstrate bactericidal activity of 2 log under these conditions (n ​​= 1) » explains Séverine Allegra, teacher and researcher in the EVS-Isthme laboratory (Environment City Society – Jean Monnet University / CNRS)

The gamma pulse:
Gamma Pulse SAS is a Deep Tech technology created in 2014 with the ambition to become a world leader in the field of security and protection of people and property. The company, founded by scientists at the École Polytechnique incubator, is developing an interfering technology based on the use of pulsed plasma to detect hidden explosives and SNM (Special Nuclear Materials). Following the COVID-19 health crisis, Gamma Pulse experts have developed the “Kiwi” project, an innovative virucidal system with 100% certified virucidal efficacy that is able to effectively decontaminate air in common enclosures by large numbers of people. The patents were filed in 2020 and the process that has already gained the first shareholders, such as Sagemcom, is preparing to enter the phase of industrialization. Gamma Pulse is in the process of raising funds for rapid industrialization and commercialization.

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