Kids’s questions and the Minister’s solutions to the gap faculty

Some children enjoy being able to stay in bed longer, just get dressed halfway and have time to play between lessons. Others only dream of going back to school and being surrounded by their friends again. The distance school shakes the lives of students, whether they are in preschool, primary or secondary school. Duty he gave them a word this week to express their concerns. Education Minister Jean-François Roberge agreed to answer their questions. Interview with Magdaline Boutros.

This is the third year we have a home education period: will it be the same every year until the end of my schooling?

Edouard, 10 years old

We all hope not! We know it’s much more interesting to be in school, to learn, to see your teacher and your friends … But when the virus becomes too dangerous and spreads too much, we have to limit our contacts as much as possible and this is why they ask you to do school remotely. . We hope that the spread of the virus will soon be brought under control.

Why do you say it’s not good for us to spend a day on vacation on screen, but you don’t mind when it’s home education?

Achilles, 10 years old

Going to school is extremely important and at the moment the virus is preventing us from allowing you to go to class. So we have to use computers! But even with distance learning, it is important not to spend the day in front of the screens. Take advantage of breaks and holidays: move, go out, draw, read a book!

If we keep going to school at home for a few weeks, we could have fewer hours [au secondaire] ? It’s really hard to stay focused all day.

Matilda, 12 years old

We know that it is difficult to spend a few hours in front of the screens and stay focused. However, even at home, it is important to see all the learning provided by the study programs. These achievements will be essential for the rest of your school career and for your adult life! If we all respect health rules and continue to protect ourselves, the virus will be less present and everyone will be able to return to school.

My eyes and head hurt when I study computer all day. What can I do to make me feel better?

Colin, 10 years old

After a good job in front of a computer, it is important to take breaks, move and relax! Try to do something other than be in front of the screen, when you finish the class, take a book, draw, go play outside: it will do you good!

I miss my teacher and my friends very much. It’s hard for me to stay home …

Alice, 6 years old

You’re not alone ! We all miss meeting family, friends and colleagues. However, too many people get sick from the virus, so it is important to limit our contacts, get vaccinated and respect health regulations. If we all do the right thing, the virus will be less present and we will finally be able to see each other again. I’m excited too!

Online school, I like it less. If we can’t go back to class, could we do otherwise? In the bubble, in the park, in the yard … Or everyone at school, with a mask, or, if necessary, with two or three.

Renaud, 10 years old

So many people are sick right now that it is important to see each other as little as possible and to limit our contact so that the virus does not spread. On the other hand, the nice weather will return and we can go back to school to make friends!

Why I only have one hour a day [en 1


année] ? I would like to have more classes and I would also like to be able to have dinner and refreshments online with friends so that I can talk to them …

Raphael, 6 years old

It would be possible to schedule an online date with your friends! You can ask your parents to try to plan something. And when it comes to lessons, remember that you can continue learning all day. Do you have any books at home that could help you practice reading and learn things? You can talk about what you learned at dinner with friends!

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