Jean Moulin College Lyon 3 opens a faculty devoted to ecology

Jean Moulin University Lyon 3. @WilliamPham

As the demand for training on environmental issues grows, higher education is adapting. Lyon 3 will open a specialized school at the beginning of the 2022 school year.

From September 2022, the “School of Ecological Transition (ETRE)” will open at Jean Moulin University. The purpose of this school will be to ensure coordination between the courses already offered by the university. In fact, there are already 36 diplomas dealing with environmental issues.

In addition, the creation of a new university degree (DU) “Problems and dynamics of ecological transition” must be voted on 5 July. The principle of the downstream user is to provide, in addition to the training recognized by the national diploma, a specific specialization. In particular, this DU provides a multidisciplinary approach to environmental issues in law, economics, philosophy and even history.

“At Jean Moulin University Lyon 3, we want to be a center of reference and excellence for the Lyon-Saint Etienne site in terms of ecological transformation and the environmental humanities.. “

Eric Carpano, President of Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University

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Eric Carpano, President of Jean Moulin University, explains:we want to be at the Jean Moulin University of Lyon 3 the center of reference and excellence of the Lyon-Saint Etienne site in terms of ecological transformation and the environmental humanities.. “

A new generation of students

In fact, by 2022, students are increasingly interested in climate issues. The president of the environmental student association Sciences Po Lyon, Volonterre, explains to the Lyon Capitale that “the impression that many have realized the existence of the problem, but not necessarily its extent. “

All training must adapt to the challenges of the new world. While some specialize in the subject, others deal with it within their area of ​​expertise: “When we talk about ecology today, it’s more about the massive extinction of human life: then we have to deal with all areas of human activity. “

Growing offer of ecological trainings

As the environment has become an essential face in the face of the global emergency, training courses in this area have multiplied in recent years.

  • Institute of Environment and Ecological Transitions (IET)

IET, founded in 1995, offers training specifically focused on environmental issues. With training from Bac +2 to Bac +5, the institute offers training that particularly meets the expectations of the new generation of students.

  • School of Responsible and Unified Management, 3A.

School 3A is one of those training courses that over time has made environmental issues a professional field. Management school, the goal is to train managers who have environmental limits in mind.

In addition to specialized schools, it is possible to find diplomas in ecology in traditional training centers. Lyon 2 also has masters dealing with ecology, such as Lyon 1 or Sciences Po Lyon.

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