Information Lyon 3 College creates the Ecological Transition College, ETRE

Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 will establish a “School of Ecological Transition (ETRE)” for the next academic year in September 2022.

Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 brings together many specializations in law, geography, economics, urbanism, but also philosophy, which justifies the launch of a new school project. Implementing the recommendations of the report by climatologist Jean Jouzel, one of the IPCC leaders, School of Ecological Transformation (ETRE) “.aims “Raise awareness and train on the challenges of ecological transformation and sustainable development in higher education”developing an innovative and multidisciplinary training and research offer. In the areas of the humanities and social sciences that are its own, the university follows the orientation that universities and technical schools have been able to acquire in the field of science and technology.

Éric Carpano, President of Jean Moulin University, explains the institution’s commitment: “We want to be Lyon-Saint Etienne Center of Excellence and Excellence in Environmental Transformation and the Environmental Humanities. All our students will be trained in environmental issues within five years. The point is for environmental competence to become an interdisciplinary competence, as we have done in language teaching. It is also a question of educating the public from the beginning of the school year in employment through the development of further education. “

philosophy and law

L ‘The ambitions expressed by the university are based on ancient know-how. The university has long been involved in environmental issues and has been one of the pioneers in these areas, especially in law and philosophy. He has been offering a master’s degree in philosophy “Ethics and Sustainable Development” for a long time. This ambition is also based on great potential In terms of training, 36 diplomas deal with the environment. In the field of research, these issues are fully or partially addressed by laboratories, with researchers working in the field of global health, for example. In the field of law, the Lyon 3 Faculty has long been recognized in the field of environmental law with a specialized institute.

” A FLAT ” answers ” to growing societal demand from public authorities and private employers, but also from students who are increasingly interested in moving towards “mission-oriented” companies in which they want to engage in sustainable development and social responsibility“.

School A FLAT ” coordinate available resources training and creates a new offer. The Board of Governors of Jean Moulin University will be invited on 5 July to decide on the creation new university degree (DU), “Challenges and dynamics of ecological transformation”, which offers annual multidisciplinary training of 200 hours in continuing education. This degree offers a cross-cutting approach to environmental issues with lessons in philosophy, law, economics-management, history and geography. LThe implementation of this project will be ensured by the general department “Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility” created at the beginning of the school year and in September a vice-president responsible for ecological transformation will be appointed.

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