“Individuals do not strike to brew sausages and drink beer”

On this day of the public sector strike, CSC Vice-President Stéphane Deldicque was invited on Radio DH.

VRT strike. © BelgaImage

On the scene of Il Faut qu’on parle, the trade unionist gave some details about the current state of the strike, especially in the south of the country. ” In some provinces, the movement was well monitored. On the side of Luxembourg, Namur and Liège no trains at all. Some depots are also doing demonstrations in Brussels this morning., says Stéphane Deldicque. Other public institutions are also on strike: we can mention several local governments at the level of their administration, some prisons, BPost, Proximus … According to the vice-president of KSK, the message is clear. ” It will be understandable that today public services want to be part of this approach, which says ‘that is enough’. Let’s continue to invest in our public services, it’s time to act. “

As far as the education sector is concerned, the events of the day have a variable geometry. Some schools can accommodate children, others cannot. In the demonstration, some unions, such as the CSC, prefer to talk about action rather than strike, but entire unions analyze the same observations. ” The observations are the same, we are really in a common queue. We planned that everything is possible for today’s event, a strike is one of them. “

As for the claims, there is general dissatisfaction. Especially when saving money, public services are often targeted. ” We are sometimes considered a budget adjustment variable. We are asked to spend less on resources, investments … Regardless of the level of power, we are always treated like a dairy cow from which we come to get money.the CCP vice-president confesses.

What are the required CSC priorities?

First, wages. In the current crisis, no sector is spared. I think this is the best way to face the decline in purchasing poweranalyzes by Stéphane Deldicque before specifying the benefits, mechanically it will increase pensions.

The vice-president of the CSC mentioned another measure, namely aid for staff travel expenses. ” It is necessary to revise upwards the intervention that can be made when traveling between home and work. ” This type of measure, which directly affects a worker’s wallet, must be carried out through the social dialogue that is currently problematic. ” This should be possible in the context of social consultations, but what remains dead is very complicated. Whatever measure is in place, it is still not strong enough. “

According to Stéphane Deldicque, this day shows power on the spot that it is time to make things better. ” I have people who go on strike, not cook sausages and drink beer, who will lose their salary today! You have to do this to tell yourself that some people lose money when they try to make a living. We must respect this commitment. “KSK Vice-President defends herself.

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