in the midst of commencement, college students name for “deserting” “damaging” jobs

Scene is not newbut startling. Eight postgraduate students from class 2022 of AgroParisTech ascend in one ensemble to the podium of the prestigious Salle Gaveau in Paris with a white canvas in hand. They give a political speech for seven minutes about the reasons that force them to split and not follow “these stores“Presented during their careers and which, in their view,”they are a problem rather than a solution“.

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Many of us do not want to pretend to be proud and deserve to receive this diploma at the end of the training that is pushing the world to take part in the ongoing social and environmental devastations.“Lola says first.”

We see that agribusiness is waging war with the living and the peasants everywhere on Earth.

The speech was downloaded on Twitter Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who writes: “Listen to this. The greatest hope. Let the new generation “leave” the absurd and cruel world in which we liveResearcher François Gemenne, a contributor to the IPCC and politically involved in the Yannick Jadot campaign, he also praised the speech.

Encourage your peers to choose other paths

These eight students are out of the question “destroyers”, to which “AgroParisTech trains hundreds of engineers every year”, picks up another student. It states in particular: “Trading in plant laboratories for multinational companies that strengthen the enslavement of farmers, the design of prepared meals and then chemotherapy to treat the diseases caused.”

This work is destructive. Choosing them means hurting, serving the interests of a few.

It is a manifestation of one of the perspectives that exists within our student community.“, Notes Laurent Buisson, Director of AgroParisTech, to which France Inter has joined. During this more than three-hour ceremony, “other students said different things “, adds.

These eight students will end them by stating the paths they have chosen: beekeeping, agriculture “food crop“(living), drawing or engaging in environmental movements.”Let’s not waste time, let’s not miss this energy, which is boiling somewhere in us“Concludes the student.

Logical speech according to the director of AgroParisTech

The director of AgroParisTech is not surprised by these speeches. “There really is a search for meaning among our students. And we are here to give them the keys that will allow them to choose the meaning they want to study first and then start their professional careers. “ analyzes.

We know and hope that not everyone will give the same meaning. There will be no single solution, we must necessarily try different paths.

This Wednesday, May 11, students from the Écoles Normales Supérieures published a Tribune in Le Monde newspaper titled “Let us reconcile our scientific practice with the urgent problems of this century“In which they ask in particular the following question:”What will be left of life to study if we have done nothing to prevent it from collapsing?

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