Implementation of measures to keep up the integrity of the worldwide scholar program in Quebec

The Minister for Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity, the Minister for Immigration, Foreign Affairs and Integration and the Minister responsible for Mauritius, Mr Jean Boulet and the Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship CanadaMr Sean Fraser, announces a new measure to tighten access to post-graduate work permits for some graduates of non-subsidized private educational institutions.

This measure consists in allowing access to the work permit after graduation only to persons who have completed the subsidized study program. It aims to make the necessary corrections to the shortcomings revealed by an investigation by the Quebec Ministry of Higher Education concerning certain unsubsidized private universities.

The Quebec government has therefore applied for immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada in order to align the eligibility rules for the Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) in force in Quebec with those in the other provinces. This will prevent Quebec from being used as a bridge for permanent settlement Canada. In other provinces, foreign students who have completed an unsubsidized study program do not generally have access to this work permit.

“It is important to act in a way that preserves the integrity of our immigration programs, which must support lasting integration into Quebec. These adjustments will attract foreign students to study in all regions of Quebec and prevent Quebec from being used as a bridge to settle in other provinces. »

Mr. John BouletMinister for Employment and Social Solidarity, Minister for Immigration, Foreign Affairs and Integration and Minister for Mauritius

“Canada is aware of the huge social, cultural and economic benefits that foreign students bring to the country. Changing the eligibility for a post-graduate work permit requested by Quebec will improve the integrity of the program, further align private institutions in Quebec with institutions in other provinces, and protect our well-deserved reputation as a destination for students. »

venerable Sean FraserMinister of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada

“The quality of education provided in our Quebec higher education network is a priority for us, as is its reputation beyond our borders. In the past, there have been several recruitment events that have worried us. I am convinced that these adjustments will facilitate, firstly, the integration of the international student community into our society and, secondly, its contribution to Quebec’s influence in many areas of activity. »

Mrs. Danielle McCannMinister of Higher Education

“These changes will prevent the abuse of our school system and ensure that newcomers really broaden their educational horizons and multiply their prospects here in Quebec. »

Mr Jean-François Roberge, Minister for Education

  • Unsubsidized private educational institutions have attracted a significant number of foreign students since 2018.
  • For the period 2016-2018, the total number of foreign students who have obtained a study permit on behalf of one of these institutions is estimated at 4,900.
  • The estimated total number of foreign students who obtained a study permit on behalf of one of these institutions jumped to 11,500 for the period 2019-2021.
  • The measure consists in tightening access to the post-graduate work permit in non-subsidized private educational institutions so that only graduates of the subsidized study program have access to it. The tightening applies to all levels of study. It shall enter into force on 1ehm September 2023.

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