“I do not need to educate anymore”

I no longer want to teach, I no longer want to be in front of students who are dysfunctional, who can no longer concentrate for more than ten seconds, often for screen abuse, students in “inclusion” who have nothing to do in the classroom and who should be in a day hospital, I don’t want to spend 80% of my days discipline playing with the cops anymore.

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I no longer want to teach, I no longer want to talk to my colleagues, who only have their class in their mouths, and their students and their submission to the infantilizing national education system, which prevents us from leaving the department and returning home. It is quite normal and banal to invest your personal money in school materials. I no longer want a lunch break to talk about sessions, classes, troubled students in dark, sad and ugly places where you won’t even escape their presence. All the time there.

Abandoned students

I no longer want to learn not to be sick of meetingitis, to look each other in the eye, to talk about absurd and unnecessary subjects (evacuation drills, administrative papers, etc.), just to constantly mention students who are dysfunctional. , those who have behavioral problems and for whom we waste time looking for solutions that do not exist.

“I don’t feel like I care about the students who really deserve it. »

I don’t want to study anymore because the psychological burden is too great and the abandonment of my parents is unbearable. I am not a specialized pedagogue, I am not a psychologist, I cannot replace them in their educational duties. I am not a machine made to absorb class deafening noise throughout the day.

I don’t want to teach anymore because I have the impression that I don’t care about the students who really deserve it, these 93-year-old children who are great and unpressed, who are never talked about in meetings, and which we should all to meet with our parents to push them and encourage them to enroll in prestigious colleges in the capital, to talk to them about a study they could do, but whose name was never mentioned or will never be mentioned. But what is our role?

The Great Masquerade

I no longer want to teach because I no longer want to prepare a lesson of four different levels in the evening when I come home, because this profession does not consume me and life outside work is too precious to be ruined by efforts, it is not worth it for parents who they are often offensive and without any recognition, for a society that despises us and treats us as privileged. Because after five years of studying and competing for a category A civil servant, I deserve much more than just a barely higher salary than Smic.

“This work will not take my soul. »

I don’t want to teach anymore because the programs seem outdated to me and their goal is just to make our students very teachable good sheep. Programs where the problem of global warming does not seem to be taken into account at school when we know that our students will suffer the most. Programs in which the outside world is the world of Care Bears. But what kind of life will our students have? When will we really prepare them for the harshness of this world?

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I don’t want to teach anymore because I don’t want to take part in this big masquerade anymore. Because after forty, I no longer want to stand in front of students when the public service damage has reached its peak. This job will not have my soul.

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