How O’clock Turned a Benchmark Faculty of Internet Improvement

O’Clock is revolutionizing the web development teaching and putting the student at the center of his interests. We will tell you all about this particular school!

8:30, start of classes at hrs. Then a lunch break, renewed at 14:00 and finally 18:00 and that’s liberation … A typical day at a typical school. But something will change in O’clock. At this school, like no other, you not only shake training codes, but write them all day to become a professional web developer. Thanks to telepresential, the school allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. This format, created and developed by O’clock, offers a bridge between personal and online courses. We explain everything about this unique school.

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Hours, a web development school that shakes all the codes

There are many ways to train you in web development. Choosing the right training center or school can therefore be complicated. You have a spoiled selection, but, of course, not all of these solutions are equivalent. The clock excels due to its desire to get people back to the knowledge transfer center. It’s a real school without having to travel, thanks to live video lessons led by a specialist teacher within the classroom. The comfort of your home with live class interactivity.

O’clock offers complete training with various specializations in web development. For example, you can choose accelerated training. In six months, you will become a professional web developer. Otherwise, you can opt for a work study to balance it all and gain your first professional experience in this field. At the end of the training, continuous or not, the student is a graduate and ready for admission. In addition, 70% of O’clock students get a job in digital technology or go on to higher education to go even further.

Since its inception in 2016, O’clock has trained 3,500 students. Just that ! WITH 92% success rate with various RNCP titles issued by the school, demonstrates exceptional pedagogy and know-how. With a teaching team of 90 people, O’clock students have good support. Most importantly, don’t believe they will release you into the wild! Coaches and trainers are passionate and experienced, which is ideal: they will pass on their taste in coding to you as well. O’clock is a point of honor to accompany you from taking in front of a job gateway, through finding finance, courses and graduations. In addition, 75% of students receive partial or global funding for their education. Less pleasant weight for students.

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Although the courses are telepresented, students are not passive. Far from here! On the contrary, they react, work, exchange and help each other. Their goal? Proceed together. The lesson creates a strong and narrow community of students. This sense of closeness, even at a distance, is one of the school’s main strengths.

Teachers run the course live and are ready to help or unblock the student in difficulty. Which creates an important relationship of trust in order to develop as best as possible. Coaches are not just here to teach their lessons. They monitor the progress of their students and provide them with valuable advice for the future. Between lessons, practice and a caring atmosphere, there are all the elements to make students succeed. The pace is intense, but it allows you to gain a solid foundation of skills and knowledge very quickly.

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The main advantage of telepresence is the ability to follow lessons from home. The student saves time that he can use for work, but above all he feels good. And when we feel good, we work better. With the freedom of telepresence, students are full and better prepared for learning. Finally, this format gives everyone access to training, even for people with disabilities or those living in remote communities. A decent computer and a good internet connection are all you need to get involved in further promoting O’clock.

Major training courses available to all

Even with the best will in the world, it is often a headache to find recognized and transparent training on what it offers. The most renowned training courses in O’clock will allow you to improve your skills in your chosen universe without having any preconditions as long as your hand. In addition, all of its courses offer the RNCP degree. The lessons are said to train real professionals. This gives you the opportunity to train as a PHP web developer or JavaScript developer. There is no doubt that O’clock is the school for you if web development attracts you!

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