Holders of awards and scholarships for the 12 months 2022 – Faculty of Artwork

On the 31st of May, the awards ceremony and scholarships of 2022 took place at the École d’art de l’Université Laval. This event took place directly at the site of the alumni exhibition, in La Fabrique, in the presence of representatives of several partner organizations.

The evening of awards and scholarships represents an important and often decisive moment for graduates every year in the development of their careers. In the form of scholarships, access to production workshops or invitations to exhibitions at certain recognized distribution centers, these awards and scholarships provide significant support for the development of new practices. Many donors, organizations and art centers have reunited with the School of Art:

  • Louis Garneau Scholarship: Chantal Blackburn
  • René-Richard Scholarship (1ehm cycle): Elizabeth Landry
  • La Vigie Scholarship: ex aequo Charles Boyer-Cazelais and Talija Anctil Corso
  • Avatar Award: Ezekiel Nadeau
  • Madness Culture Award: Marie-Felix Collette
  • Videotape price: Anthony Paquet
  • Price for White Room: Sophie Laurence Brown
  • Price Engram: Italy Anctil Corso
  • Price Venue: Ezekiel Nadeau
  • Price Fall in the Eye (Fish Eye): Ezekiel Nadeau
  • Price UL: Elizabeth Landry
  • Art and Design School Staff Awards: Sophie Laurence Brown
  • François Simard price frame: Chantal Blackburn
  • Travel museum award: Chantal Blackburn
  • Current Art Fair price: Chantal Blackburn

Anthony Paquet, Carolanne Bélanger and Jessica Lafond were also selected to represent the School of Art in the BMO National Competition. Mathieu P. Lapierre, won a public art competition Light boxes organized by the School of Arts in collaboration with Manif d’art. Last fall, Delphine Hébert-Marcoux, a graduate of the master’s degree, received the René-Richard Award (2nde cycle). Finally, Marie-Hélène Métivier, Director of Philanthropic Development at the Laval University Foundation, announced the Louise-Viger Prize, which will be announced soon.

We congratulate all the winners and thank the donors and jury members.

Chantal Blackburn and Louis Garneau (photo by Vincent Drouin)

Elizabeth Landry, represented in the absence by Dimitri Roy and Geneviève Chevalier (photo by Vincent Drouin)

Talija Anctil-Corso, Sébastien Lavoie and Charles Boyer-Cazelais (photo: Vincent Drouin)

Ézekiel Nadeau and Myriam Lambert (photo by Vincent Drouin)

Myriam Le Lan and Marie-Félix Collette (photo by Vincent Drouin)

Anthony Paquet, Geneviève Desmeules and Catherine Robitaille (photo by Vincent Drouin)

Sophie Laurence Brown and Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand (photo by Vincent Drouin)

Carine Beaupré, Italy Anctil Corso and Anne-Sophie Ohmer (photo: Vincent Drouin)

Ézekiel Nadeau and Geneviève Roy (photo by Vincent Drouin)

Ezekiel Nadeau and Marc-Antoine Phaneuf (photo by Vincent Drouin)

Anne-Marie Proulx and Géraldine Martin and (Élizabeth Landry) represent Dimitri Roy here (photo: Vincent Drouin)

Sophie Laurence-Brown and Jean-Francois Trudel

Claudia Côté, Chantal Blackburn and François Simard (photo by Vincent Drouin)

Sarah Bélanger-Martel, Chantal Blackburn and Maude Martin Gagnon (photo by Vincent Drouin)

Chantal Blackburn and Anne D’Amours Mc Donald (photo by Vincent Drouin)

Carolanne Bélanger and Anthony Paquet (photo by Vincent Drouin)

Mathieu P. Lapierre and Claude Bélanger (photo: Vincent Drouin)

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