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Salwa Bakr, open writer.

It’s just a storm in a cup of tea, some say in defense of Egyptian writer Salwa Bakr, who was attacked by others because of her statements during the TV program Rai Aam (public opinion) by Amr Abdel-Hamid last week Ten TVs. The author simply expressed her views on the level and quality of education in Egypt and explained that ideas instilled in students favor Islamist thinking. Above all, it provoked controversy by refusing to impose a veil on young girls in the preparatory class and studying the Qur’an by heart at the age of 4 or 5 because children are unable to understand what they remember. According to her, the religious discourse addressed to children must correspond to their age group, and dance, music, sports and drawing lessons, which have now disappeared from schools, have also contributed to the mood.

The works of Salwa Bakr, winners of many international awards, often revolve around marginalized women in Egyptian society; in particular, she is a spokeswoman for several middle-class characters.

The writer explains

During the hodiny program hodiny, the writer addressed a number of topics, but her comments on education and the absence of critical thinking were quickly criticized on social media and various press sites. ” The conversation made sense. We must recognize that political Islam has played a dangerous role in the cultural field in Egypt. In order to dictate her way of seeing and achieving her goals; took advantage of learning. During the performance, I talked about focusing too much on appearance and omitting the essence or the very essence of religion. Al-Azhar has always played an important role in the religious field. This highest Sunni authority has always been a pillar of the country’s peaceful power. He must take responsibility and correct misconceptions about religion that have been common in recent decades. calmly underlines Salwa Bakr, who calls on the Ministry of Culture to fulfill its functions of establishing justice among citizens at the cultural level in cities and towns.

Bakr believes the complaint against the Attorney General, who accused her of contempt for religion, will no doubt be rejected because it is unfounded. She assures that none of her statements undermine the religion, morals or values ​​of Egyptian society.

Terrorism incubators

In answer to the moderator’s question: How to face terrorism? Salwa Bakr said during the program that so far the means to combat terrorism were of a security nature, while training should be reconsidered. Because, according to her, current courses can easily train potential Daesh members in the absence of all kinds of activities. In short, current education is a breeding ground for terrorists.

The writer also stressed that religion has become the question of appearance, which is limited to the veil, chin, jabble and many other flashy features “Salwa Bakr recalled that the school in his day prepared the individual to be the master of himself and to make his own decisions. At present, however, this is not the case at all. able to develop a well-defined cultural policy. ” You need to start with the curriculum and then expand on the choice of teachers “, she said.

Bakr said in the show that he prefers the old Qur’anic schools, but this is a long time ago of the digital age. ” In the past, in the Koran’s schools, children learned to read, write, and speak Arabic. Several renowned writers came out of these Qur’anic schools “.

The views presented by the writers were well received by some who saw in them the reason and the essence of Islam, rejecting hymns. What is a veil, a chin or a prayer if the person is a liar, a thief or a corrupt person ?! “.

The author did not forget to express her sadness ” because society is dominated by too narrow visions that do not accept and reject the opposite views without trying to discuss them She insisted that Egypt needed an education system commensurate with its long history. It is a sine qua non for the country to defeat terrorism and break with the Dark Ages.

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